Arma 2 - Soundtrack (OST) 22 Chernarussian Anthem02:14

Arma 2 - Soundtrack (OST) 22 Chernarussian Anthem


Viet nam

The symbol of the Yellow star movement.


The founders of the Yellow star movement were Viktor Ulianof and Vladimir Illych. These two men both had extreme left views and citized the current government of Moldova, they were quite popular and Vladimir Illiych even tried out as politician. He was later kicked out in what many people found a very obvius example of censorship. Vladimir had no comment and went on to write books, he left the public eye but he caused massive riots across the nation. Viktor laterwas arrested for terrorism and according to official records he took his own life in his cell. Not many people believed this and only made the riots worse and in the southern rural ereas of Moldova the Yellow star movement was founded.

Political heading

The Political heading of the Yellow star movement is left to say the least. Their ideals are a mixture of a socialist carestate with a small but present free economy. They also want a very authoritarian society where there is a clear line between right and wrong and crossing this line will not be taken lightly.

Military power

The Yellow star movement lacks a propper military and as of now is just a poorly trained group of people with weapons raided from small checkpoints, patrols and convoys.

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