Whitewolf Industries is a small company based in California for household "Revolutionary" Consumer Products constantly seeking more ways to hit the Global Market with its heavy Robotics focus, currently in ideas to develop their own brand of labour intensive machines.

Whitewolf figureheads

Alexander White is a business man who originally brought shares in the company when it was known as Grey Wolf Solutions back in 1980, Alexander owned a chain of businesses being an entrepreneur until Grey Wolf started to collapse and brought the company from the owner and remoulded it to Whitewolf Industries, White is a millionaire as a result of his gambles, bringing the brand itself to a known state within his hometown he manages to pull his business venture from the mud to a stable and steady stance though White was a man of greed and always wanted more, a finger in many pies as he does.

Espionage involvements

Alexander has never been part of or supplied any wars of any kind since his venture in Whitewolf began though in the near future he may consider expanding into military market areas once his company has become stable enough to stand on its two feet.

Whitewolf Personnel

Whitewolf Security

Whitewolf employ many security personnel in their facilities, often armed with a USP-45 as basic and a UMP-45 for either emergencies and/or certain ranked Personnel that have trained to handle it day to day. Most members were once serving military forces that were given jobs once they come out of service and are well looked after by the company.





Each security personel has extensive armed training and close combat hand to hand training, most serving members as stated are ex-military and already posess skills nessicary to carry out their daily tasks, often the training given is how to handle and conduct their routines within the Whitewolf life.

Whitewolf Assets

K-1 series robot

Whitewolf K-1

The K-1 Series has been developed and tested by whitewolf themselves, their pinnicle of their lifeswork becoming reality, each K-1 has multiple functions and often served multiple roles to the buyers and the company itself, they are currently exclusive to California, and also the UPA.


Service K-1

This version of the K-1 series are often the worker robots that are commonly seen on the streets, they are the commercial version that is avaliable for purchase.

Combat K-1

This varient isn't often seen out in the open and are used for whitewolfs purposes or services to other countries, this varient is the first combat capable humanoid form whitewolf have created.