White Army is the unified armed forces of Samogitia The duchies of baltia are not allowed to maintain their own military since Since the new constitution, states that matters of military fell into sole responsibility of Hetman and Grand duke.

Branches of White Army:

White Guard- The Land Component and The Largest Branch of White Army, the name origins came from the Russian civil war when the newly independent Samogitian army clashed with the Bolsheviks (the reds). since the whites has won the war by driving out the reds, the name white army remained as official name of Samogitian landeswehr.

White Navy- The Sea Component and The second largest component of the White Army, yet the youngest. due the fact that navy of Samogitia until 2010s was nothing ,but force of river boats and coast guard boats, today samogitia owns two aircraft carriers, but there are plans for submarines and helicopter carriers, the latest participation in conflicts was the Roman conquest of Thrace and Dominican civil war.

Samogitian air force (SAF)- The Air component of the White Army. founded in 1919, the SAF originally consisted of reconnaissance plans and couple bombers but by 1938 Samogitia was flourishing from its aircraft industry, and the samogitia had a massive aircraft fleet which actively participated in great patriotic war and

As of 2016, White army has a strength of 170 000 active soldiers and 40 000 reserve personnel.


Assault rifles

Ak-101 (main service rifle as of late 90s)

Mpi km 72 (main service rifle of SPA and first Samogitian republic until late 90s, currently in reserve use and might see deployment in national guard and militia)

Main Battle Tanks:

Leopard 2(limited numbers)

T72 (retired)

M1 Abrams (Main battle tank in service since 2017)

Armoured Car:

Pahonia LGC


ZIL Punisher (main MRAP of ground forces)



M1070 HET

Ural 4320








CH-47 Chinook 

KA 52

Anti-air Missile:




F-4 Phantom

MIG 31


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