General information:

Vitaly Romanov, born the 28th of August 1980. He is the first born son of Tsar Boris Romanov, is currently the Tsar of Volhynia. He has a little brother Myroslav.


At the age of 23, Vitaly formed the first special forces unit in the Volhynian Armed Forces. He took inspiration from Volhynian history, and named the unit after the Volhynian Cossacks. He remained the leader of the unit till his coronation in 2017, and his brother Myroslav became the new commander of the unit.


Vitaly was also the one to convince his father to allowing the Order's chapter in Volhynia, as Vitaly is a christian fanatic, unlike his father.

Facts about Vitaly Romanov:

Vitaly has two sons and one daughter. Ilya Romanov aged 18, Aleksey Romanov aged 14 and Tanya Romanov aged 11.

Vitaly prefers to use the German Luger P08 instead of the standard firearm, the TT-33.

Vitaly is part of the Volhynian special forces, the Cossacks.

Vitaly and Myroslav has a strained relationship, because Vitaly is more liked by their father, and because he is the heir.