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När vi talar mest rättvist, då tror vi mest falskt. (Swedish for "When we speak most fairly, then we think most falsely.")



Years active:

  • 1973 - Present

Size (Estimated)

  • 39,690 Personnel (2015)


  • Serpents of Midgard (1993-Present)

No Title

No Information


Valhalla International is a multi-national corporate group with a vast business portfolio. The main company headquarters is located in PLACENAME, Fallnakrigaresö, an archipelago off the coast of Norway. They are responsible for the funding and supply of the Serpents of Midgard terrorist group. In short, they're the corporation that is in every James Bond movie that wants to take over and/or end the world.


Valhalla International was originally founded in 1973 as Svart Lösningar, Swedish for "Black Solutions" Svart Lösningar was a financial management company. In 1993 they broadened into debt acquisition, under the direction of a young accountant Deiter Koch. The premise behind the move was to acquire debt and write it off in exchange for majority stakes in failing companies. Then using the newly acquire stake in the company to turn them into profitable enterprises. By 1997 Deiter Koch was elected CEO and Svart Lösningar had acquired over 150 companies of various sizes turning them from failing into success. They adopted the Valhalla moniker, the hall of the dead as part of a rebranding in 2001.

//The company's security forces specialise in identity protection, industrial espionage and sabotage and defensive deployments. General day-to-day business revolves around security contracts, force reinforcement, logistical and transport support, oil and gas pipeline repairs and construction, research and development contracts, shipping, advanced cosmetic surgery and many other operations.// WIP

The company performs recruitment drives year on year, primarily selecting ex-forces personnel from NATO armies however they also select specialists from many fields from nursing to engineering from both military and public applicants.

//Everyone employed by Valhalla has their death faked and they are then given cosmetic surgery, facial reconstruction and new fingerprints to match their newly given identity within the company. This is for their protection and to protect their families. It is from this; the Old Norse word Valhöll "hall of the slain" that Valhalla takes its namesake. Where families are considered at risk of retaliation should their loved one die they are relocated to Fallnakrigaresö with them to ensure their protection, to this end Fallnakrigaresö has a reasonably large population and has many amenities to support them.// REWORD THIS + MAKE SEPERATE FALLNAKRIGARESO ARTICLE??

A broad range of service benefits await those who work for Valhalla including medical care, food, housing and bereavement packages. Most personnel are based at specialist facilities on former Försvarsmakten (Swedish Ministry of Defence) sites on Fallnakrigaresö. Regularly security forces are sent on training courses to active bases in partnership with Scandinavian countries including Iceland and Finland.

Work in progress.

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