The United Zionist Forces (UZF) is an extremist Jewish/Zionist armed movement located in the Middle East and The Arab World. Their primary aim is to secure more land and living space for new Jewish States across the Middle East. However there is a presence of minor internal conflict within the group as many identify the holy mission of the UZF to be the complete destruction and death of Islam and the reformation of the Arab World to be a single Jewish State.

This side of the UZF refers to themselves as the 'Holy Fighters' which make up around 30% of the force. However Asaf Mendel, the leader of the UZF strongly identifies with the first and primary objective, staying tolerant and open to alliances with some Islamic groups and nations if it's in their best interests.

Origins & Backstory

The Origins of the group can be traced back to April of 1979 after many Israeli's were left outraged by the Camp David Accords and the withdrawal from the Sinai region. This and the continuation of peace making attempts with Islamic countries caused an uprising of various terror attacks against Muslims in areas such as Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and other neighbouring states.

However it wasn't until 1980 that Asaf Mendel formed an official united Armed Force, funded by various wealthy Israeli and Jewish businessmen that supported the movement. Now under a united and organised banner, the UZF began to involve themselves in larger conflicts within the Middle East.

As the Iraq - Iran war started, UZF forces inserted into the conflict with an objective of causing as much damage to the two nations as possible whilst also retrieving supplies for themselves from weapon and vehicle storage's, banks, oil reserves and over high value locations. A similar tactic was also deployed in the Gulf War and the Invasion of Iraq as UZF troops assisted the US in stopping Iraqi expansion.

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