The United Zionist Forces (UZF) is an extremist Jewish/Zionist armed movement located mainly in the Middle East, however have smaller cells across the globe. They have a holy mission and claim they won't stop fighting until it is completed. In scriptures written by them it is stated the mission is to completely eradicate Islam and everything to do with it, and the eventual removal of all over religions so the world is united under global Jewish rule.

Although the exact number of fighters The UZF has at its disposal, numbers are estimated to be fairly low. However what they lack in size is made up for in skill as the men they do have are known to be experienced, well trained and hardened soldiers.


The organisation started off as a small militia group during the 1970s in order to protect the Jewish people and land from the Palestinians, and after several violent attacks against Palestinian insurgents they became fairly well known. In the late 1980's and 90's Israel started funding UZF cells in order to directly fight against Hamas.

However due to the groups violent and inhumane methods of combat, Israel eventually cut ties with the movement. Other than various small conflicts near Palestine, the UZF has since stayed quiet not involving themselves in any large scale conflicts. Recently however according to Israeli intelligence the group has been rapidly rearming and training fighters since late 2017, it is thought that an unknown wealthy figure in Israel has started heavily funding the organisation again.