Boris Romanov, born 9th of April 1962. He is the current Tsar of Volhynia, and former military officer in the Ruthenian-Volhynian and Ruthenian Republican Army. He served in 1980 to 2014, where he disappeared after the Eastern Legion coup, possible fleeing with his family as the Eastern Legion wanted the Romanovs dead, for unknown reasons.

Boris has two sons, first born Vitaly Romanov. Who is currently serving in Turkey and his second born son, Myroslav. Who was hidden away from the public after he became mentally unstable doing his time as a tank commander the Bosnian conflict.

Facts about Boris Romanov:

Boris is related to Vladimir The First, who was the first Tsar of Ruthenia-Volhynia. Vladimir was exiled by the Russian Romanov family in the 1700s.

Boris always wears his grey coat, as it belonged to his father, Tsar Aleksey Romanov the Second.

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