Born on April 26, 1961 in Süloğlu, Turkey - Titus Julius Scipio was born into a family of five, with only a mother. His early life consisted of trying to find scraps of food in the streets avoiding Turkish police. Titus never had an early childhood, of age 16 almost all of his sibling have died from illness and hunger, his mother mentally destroyed - taking a toll on the young Scipio.

In his early adult years, he joined a illegal political movement at the time underground, operating in the ghettos of the Latin people in northern Turkey. It was the Roman Separatist Movement (RSM). Later years Titus would lead the now National Roman Party (NRP) to revolt against the Turkish oppressive forces in the north - starting a blood guerrilla war which would last to the mid 1990's.

When it ended, Titus became 1st Consul, with the 2nd Consulship being filled to avoid absolute power. But with a "Righteous" mindset, Titus blackmailed the 2nd Consul and made a secretive and lucrative pact with the Consul, ensuring safety and luxury for his power. Since, Titus Scipio has lead the ERR with an iron fist of authoritarian brutality - leading to be known by many names; The Tyrant, Savior of the Republic, The Butcher of Rome. However, many despise the Consul, and some hail him.

Titus Julius Scipio brought Rome back from history - however at what cost, he will leave a legacy of his brutal and cruel leadership, state security crackdowns, and forced indoctrination of Roman ideology. It was the madness what laid behind his cruel and cold face.

Childhood & Early Adult Life

Political Career

Present Day

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