The conflict in South Africa, in the year 2016 (Focused in Cape Town) between the two Private Military Companies, Kraaivuur International and SABRE International Security & Investment Group, is documented as follows.


  • 19th April: Kraaivuur International steals documents that raise interest for the company, from the Ministry of Defence. SABRE International Security & Investment Group is otherwise unaware of the original theft.
  • 20th April: Kraaivuur International launches a theft of notable documents, data and otherwise that relate to the recent recovery of technology from the former FloundCo Liverpool advanced research labs, from SABRE Internationals Offices in London, causing an international incident.
  • In response, SABRE International launches its Heli Command Mobile LPD-01, laden with contractors and armored vehicles, to 'Settle accounts' with Kraaivuur. In response, Kraaivuur denounces SABRE and claims that a business transaction went awry, rather than a theft.
  • 21st April: Kraaivuur International begins influencing the Far Right radical group; Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging, the reason behind such a move, was believed to be aligning them with the Companies interests, to buffer the defense of its holdings
  • First Baltian Republic and SABRE International sign a concordance and agreement of co-operation, and within the same timeframe; Kraaivuur International signs a similair concordance with the Eastern Legion.
  • 22nd April: SABRE arrives in the coastal waters of South Africa, launching assaults both inland and on the coast. The plan of attack is to perform a pincer move to separate Kraaivuur strong points from their supply routes; thus encircling a portion of their forces, and destroying them in the confines of the pincer move. Kraaivuur remained stalwart in its defense.
  • 23rd April: SABRE and Kraivuur begin peace accords, achieving the aimed goal of a peace settlement after intensive negotiation. SABRE International withdraws from the area, concluding the conflict.

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