The following is a rough sequence of events and timeline for the 2012-2014 conflict in Odessa.

Sequence of events

  • October 2012: J12 forces invade Odessa. Tbonian forces fight to defend the city.
  • The Vice Union embassy in Odessa is attacked. Vice Union forces deploy to the city in retalliation.
  • ATLAS reconnaissance teams deploy to Odessa.
  • Vice Union and Tbonian forces begin to fight eachother.
  • GSAF forces drop supplies to Tbonian troops in the city.
  • Bastion Rejects join the conflict against Vice Union.
  • Vey Mercenaries deploy to Odessa.
  • The Tbonian forces begin their 'final retreat' from Odessa.
  • Vice Union forces in the city begin reprisals against Tbonian collaborators and holdouts.
  • Towerlight deploy forces to combat Vice Union.
  • VDI forces deploy to the city to fight Vice Union.
  • Raven Company, COTEP, ODQ, and Kabas deploy to Odessa.
  • Tbonian forces return to the city.
  • Grey Storm deploy a small number of troops to fight against J12 and Vice Union.
  • April 2013: Towerlight forces surround the Vice Union headquarters in Odessa's city centre. Besieged Vice Union forces detonate a massive dirty bomb that levels the heart of the city and causes widespread contamination. Towerlight forces withdraw, leaving only medical personnel behind to assist the wounded.
  • Tbonian forces withdraw (again) but deploy commandos to scour the ruins.
  • FloundCo begin providing aid to the citizens of Odessa.
  • USEC deploy to provide assistance to Tbonian forces.
  • ODQ forces withdraw from Odessa.
  • SIS deploy to Odessa.
  • Vice Union forces scatter and go to ground as the union faces a leadership crisis.
  • LAD allies with J12 and deploys troops to the city.
  • WACO deploy forces to Odessa.
  • Vice Union reform and return to Odssa. An alliance with the TPRoT and Towerlight is formed, and the three groups begin to fight VDI.
  • VDI withdraw from Odessa.
  • Task Force Zulu forces are deployed to Odessa.
  • Dartmouth Ventures deploy troops to Odessa.
  • Towerlight's medical personnel are evacuated by Tbonian forces.
  • Tbonian forces withdraw from the city (a third time)
  • ATLAS step up involvement in Odessa.
  • Remaining Vice Union and Grey Storm forces withdraw from the city.
  • Other groups withdraw leaving the city mostly abandoned.
  • February 2014: Western Route rebels begin entering the city of Odessa.
  • Towerlight forces continue operations in and Around Odessa.
  • Tbonian forces withdraw from the city (a fourth time)
  • ICUU commandos are deployed to Odessa.
  • Western Route reinforcements arrive in Odessa.
  • PMA forces begin fighting Western Route troops in and around Odessa.
  • May 2014: The SSR stage an amphibious invasion of the city, encircling Odessa and cutting off Western Route forces.
  • Tbonian holdouts left in the city ally with SSR forces against the Western Route.
  • Western Route forces are gradually wiped out or forced to surrender by joint Tbonian-SSR forces.
  • The Western Route surrender.
  • SSR forces begin rebuilding the city of Odessa. The conflict is over.

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