The following is a very rough sequence of events for the 2012 conflict in France.

Sequence of Events

  • April 2012: USEC forces attack Towerlight troops in France.
  • ODQ forces ally with USEC and join the fight.
  • COTEP and PGI enter the fight alongside Towerlight.
  • IETF declare war on USEC and ODQ.
  • WACO declare war on USEC and ODQ.
  • ATLAS forces enter the conflict to assist USEC and ODQ.
  • Dartmouth Ventures deploys forces to fight the French military.
  • Tbonian observers arrive in France
  • TURC forces are deployed to France to protect civilians.
  • TPA paratroopers are deployed to assist TURC forces.
  • UN Peacekeepers deploy to france.
  • STORM forces deploy to france.
  • ICUU enter the fight against ATLAS.
  • USEC, ATLAS and COTEP all withdraw forces from France.
  • STORM and PGI forces clash in Paris.
  • ISF deploy troops to try to remove any remaining PMC forces within France.
  • Towerlight reinforcements are deployed to France.
  • COTEP forces return to France.
  • ODQ withdraw from France.
  • Angelcorp forces deploy to assist the French government forces.
  • Vey mercenaries are deployed to France.
  • J12 forces deploy and begin fighting Angelcorp.
  • VDI forces are deployed to Paris.
  • J12 forces withdraw from France.
  • LAD troops are deployed to France.

The conflict lasted for several months before gradually winding down, and hostilities in France had ceased by the end of 2012.

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