GDS forces assault Galipoli

The 2016 - 2017 conflict between Turkey and CSN (EEC), is documented as follows.


  • October 1, 5 PM: a transport ship convoy belonging to ERR loses contact with ERR navy not far form Turkish national waters. A hour later, ERR navy arrives to the last known location of the convoy and discovers it completely destroyed.
  • October 2: ERR's senate, amid outrage over lost convoy, accuses Turkey of destroying it. The Senate presented no actual evidence of Turkey's involvement, though a similar incident that occurred in Black Sea not a long time ago in which Tbonian military ship was attacked, caused everyone to suspect Turkey first. Tense relations between both countries worsened even more, as Turkey failed to reply to accusations. Senate started to vote for military retaliation.
  • October 3: all parties in Roman assembly voted for military action against Turkey. ERR begins mass mobilization of its armed forces and deploys Legion neat Turkish - ERR border.
  • October 4: Divine Order of Christ's Blood announces their First Crusade and mobilizes its forces to aid ERR. Almost 7500 Crusaders join the Legion. VDI announces that it will not allow CSN to start a major conflict and uses its influence over several major politicians and CEO's to impose economical sanctions over ERR and the rest of ECC.
  • October 6: Reichstadt announces their support for ERR and deploy their military to aid their ally.
  • October 8: ERR launches a massive artillery barrage against Turkish military installations and several Urban centers. Joint EEC forces begin an all-out offensive and delve deeper into Turkish territory.
  • October 12: EEC advance is stalled as Turkey regroups its retreating forces and mobilizes the rest of their army. ERR enters Silivri and battle starts for the control of this coastal town. Reports of significant civilian casualties are reported, for which ERR's artillery is blamed.
  • October 16: Order relocates its troops to support ERR in Silivri.
  • October 19: The Royal Volhynian Marines and the Baltian Freikorps assaults Galipoli with strong landing force. Without much fortifications, the peninsula falls to the Coalition control quickly.
  • October 25: GDS officially declares war on Turkey, sends troops to support Coalition.
  • November 25: Coalition controls southern part of Silivri. Attacks are launched to capture the remaining territory. Order and several allied formations organize assault on Silivri prison complex - a heavily fortified prison turned FOB, which is major obstacle preventing the Coalition from reaching E84 highway, leading further into Turkey.
  • December 5: ERR manages to capture most of Silivri and sends its divisions forward towards Büyükçekmece. Surrounding towns and villages are overrun by Colaition as Turkish forces retreat east. The only remaining Turkish stronghold in Silivri prison remains under heavy siege.
  • December 8: ERR's Classis Perinthia fleet, which is based in the Black Sea, embarks towards Constantinople, battling Turkish naval forces on the way.
  • December 9: Turkish forces regroup in Büyükçekmece, preparing a new line of defense. ERR' airforce starts carpet-bombing the town. Rumors of white phosphorus use on civilians and military arise.
  • December 11: Silivri prison complex has been captured and cleared of Turksish forces. E84 highway is now completely open to Coalition. Massive tank formations roll towards Büyükçekmece in preparation of new offensive.
  • December 18: ERR's navy blockades Constantinople. The 5th, 8th and 9th Amphibium legions are prepared to land on coastal zone of Constantinople.


  • January 17: ERR lands its amphibious forces in western Constantinople. The landing was costly, but marines managed to take over important positions and dig in. Report of violent house to house fighting arrive, confirming the fact of costly landing.
  • January 18: The main western Coalition force launches its assault towards Constantinople.Large scale tank battle occurs.
  • January 21: Coalition enters Büyükçekmece after massive artillery barrage and airborne landing. Order sets out to capture apartment buildings along E80 to make it easier for allied armor to advance through this important highway leading directly into Constantinople. Heavy Turkish resistance makes it a difficult goal.

    Order's crusaders being transported to objective

  • January 25: Order's Hospitaller helicopter, carrying several wounded crusader's was shot down 2 kilometers away from Büyükçekmece with no survivors.
  • February 5: Coalition gets closer to central Constantinople. Heavy fighting in Esenyurt district occur, with Turkish forces holding the line valiantly. Despite their efforts, attacking forces slowly advance further. Another Hospitaller helicopter is shot down, making Turkish AA defences Order's priority targets.
  • February 8: The 9th ERR Airborne Legions land east of Constantinople, just nearby Polonezköy.
  • February 10: Elios forces have been spotted deployed in Turkey, assisting Turks with evacuation. Checkpoints have been set up, but no hostile action against the Coalition has yet occurred.
  • March 2: a video has surfaced showing mysterious Roman paramilitaries killing Turkish citizens somewhere in Turkey. This suggests that  fanatical Ethno-Roman insurgent group known as F.C is still alive after long time of inactivity.
  • March 5: Order's troopers destroy a SAM site, allowing Coalition's aircraft to navigate easier. At least 3 companies of crusaders are preparing for an assault towards city center.

    ERR and Order forces meet a fierce Turkish resistance near FM building

  • March 10: a joint ERR-Order assault towards city center ends in failure as Turkish defenders successfully hold the line and beat back the attacking forces. A chaotic retreat leaves 128 troops stuck and surrounded in Turkish controlled territory. Trapped soldiers dig in and prepare to defend their position until main force reaches them.
  • April 13: rested and reinforced ERR forces launch a massive city-wide offensive, intending to capture Ataturk airport and capture the remaining part of western Constantinople.
  • April 26: FM building siege is lifted. Out of 128 troops, 57 have survived.
  • May 3: Hagia Sophia is captured by joint Order-ERR forces.
  • May 18: Ataturk International airport is captured by ERR
  • May 24: Constantinople is 70% captured by ERR as Turkish forces retreat from the city to regroup, leaving the entire city for taking in following weeks.
  • May 25: Order breaks into underground strongroom of Istanbul Archaeology Museum, looting several million dollars worth of relics.
  • May 28 - July 8: FC militants pillage several small villages and towns, massacring entire populations.
  • July 5: Republic of Sumatra and Bavaria join war on ERR's side.
    20170630123741 1

    Sumatran army spearheads into Turkish territory shortly after landing

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