The Tiger MGL-01, or Multiple Grenade Launcher, is a Grenade Launcher produced by Tiger Corporation in 2016, and is the corporation's first weapon designed and produced.

Lightweight Titanium and strong Polymer interior components provide a lighter Grenade Launcher making carrying easier on the user. However, faults with the Magazine being quite large are common. Because of this, the MGL-01 is often left for defense in situations where the operator would be stationary in a small area, not on the move constantly, such as an outpost or checkpoint.

Tiger offers to sell the Launcher to any faction who may show interest, as well as security firms and Law enforcement officials.

Ammunition Variations

One of the main draws to the weapon are the various customized 40MM grenade types Tiger also produces for the weapon, and any common 40MM launcher. Most of the customized grenades are meant for short range use of around 75 Meters or so, using less propellant and smaller internal pressure chamber for the High-Low pressure system, instead using that space to fill with a slightly larger round, packed with more smoke or gas as a Non Lethal solution. No such short range grenades exist for the typical HE 40MM grenade for good reason.

In addition to the customized 40MM, the MGL-01 boasts respectable performance with standard 40MM grenades, with effective ranges of around 300 Meters on average. The Launcher will support most 40MM loads on the market, provided they are not engineered for one specific launcher on the market.


Tiger Company


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