Tiger Company is a faction situated on the Grand Manan Island of Canada and some of the neighboring islands, with a main corporate HQ in New York City, and smaller headquarters around the world. The faction seeks to increase their profits through most any means necessary, be it selling items they create, or offering PMC services.

General Information

Tiger Company is a PMC founded by Charlie Brooks, the CEO of The Tiger Corporation to help with their expanse as a business into a global force. Tiger Company is the military might for Tiger, founded to help provide force for the corporation, be it protecting their interests, or aiming to improve their power.

Historical Timeline

  • 2010- Tiger Corporation is founded by Charlie Brooks and an unnamed investor, who died soon after. They open their New York City office.
  • 2011- Tiger has been growing steadily, and begins to open more locations across the USA.
  • 2013- Tiger begins construction on Tiger Tower. The Main HQ of the corporation. Other smaller Tiger Towers are planned for abroad locations.
  • May 2015- Tiger's global expansion leads to Brooks and his friend, Tigran Komarov to discuss possible military solutions. These talks and plans last for the rest of the year.
  • December 17th, 2015- Having acquired land on the Canadian island of Grand Manan a few months back, Tiger Company's HQ complete's construction, and begins operations, starting slow. The PMC is mostly guarding at this point.
  • March 2016- Tiger is behind the scenes still by this point, but have taken some offensive operations against Brook's rivals, whom of which have not yet proven he was behind those attacks.
  • May 2016- Tiger CEO Brooks and Commander Komarov have begun work on advertising their PMC's services, hoping to be able to lend their ability to any faction who can pay the price.
  • June 13th, 2016- Attacks in Philadelphia were carried out by what appeared to be Tiger Hazmat Units. Brooks and some allies are denying attacks being done by Tiger. No solid evidence to support whether this is true or not has come forth.
  • June 15th, 2016- Tiger Corporation releases their first self developed weapon, The Tiger MGL-01 to the market for other Factions, Security firms and Law Enforcement agencies.
  • June 16th, 2016- Tiger Allies with Gecko Heavy Industries. Tiger receives vehicles, while giving Gecko another place to produce vehicles, and a port and airstrip to help with their distribution needs.
  • June 29th, 2016- Tiger announces the official formation of their Aviation department, Tiger Aviation. Although the Department has been working since at least December of 2015. This news follows Tiger's first Aircraft produced, the MiG-31 variant they dubbed MiG-31TA.
  • June 30th, 2016- Tiger Aviation has begun a deal with Wyvern Aerospace Solutions, a subsidiary of Gecko Group. Tiger is providing 24 MiG-31TA to Wyvern, in exchange for Wyvern sharing 24 Tomcat jets, Weapons loaders, and access to the Cargo fleet of Wyvern.
  • June 30th, 2016- Tiger names Alina Zakharova as the commander of Tiger Aviation. She already received a specially crafted pilot suit for her excellence in piloting earlier, and is now the first Female to hold any position of this power.
  • July 11th, 2016- Tiger CEO Charlie Brooks travels to Japan. He meets up with Hideki Saito, an expert on Cybernetic technology. The two reach a deal, and Saito agrees to come back and be Tiger's Cybernetic expert.
  • July 12th, 2016- Tiger Cybernetics is officially formed soon after. Using factories and an airstrip in place at Three Islands, they will now serve as Tiger Cybernetics' base. Improvements will be made to factories before they begin production and testing.
  • August 16th, 2016- Tiger adopts their Combat Suit formally seen only on their elite, as standard issue due to finding ways to cut costs with minimal performance loss. Soldiers and Land Vehicle crews adopt the gear and begin to phase out the older equipment. Tiger also announces that they will adopt more weapons in the field.

Faction Relations

Tiger Company is always looking for alliances, and is not overly picky about what factions they ally with, provided there is good enough gain for Tiger to ally with a faction. Listed below are Factions Tiger is aware of, and is either allied, hostile towards, or anything beside neutral.


Tiger Research Department

  • This department is responsible for handling the research of potential new weapons, as well as Ground and Sea vehicles. They are based out of Buffalo New York, however the main manufacturing plants are all in Tiger Territory. The Buffalo HQ handles prototype creation, which if it is then deemed worthwhile, production is moved to their factories on sight.

Tiger Aviation

  • Tiger expanded their Aviation research to it's own branch. While this department does all the aerial needs of Tiger, it does also oversee construction of Tiger Dens, their Aircraft Carriers. It is also responsible for Tiger's piloting training programs. Using state of the art technology, pilots receive world class training behind the controls of their vehicle of choice. Two Pilots have even done so well, they are certified to fly anything in Tiger's Aerial Arsenal, and have even helped improved the program a little. This Department is lead by Alina Zakharova, Tiger's best pilot.

Tiger Cybernetics

  • Tiger Cybernetics is the research and development sector of Cybernetic enhancements to the Tiger Company Soldiers. Lead by Hideki Saito, this branch hopes to lead Tiger into the future. Starting with Sub-dermal implants, they hope to take Cybernetics to new heights at some point in the near future.


Standard Units:

  • The Standard Tiger Soldier is equipped with the faction's Combat suit. Recent advancements in the technology and cost reduction have allowed Tiger to make this the standard gear for the soldiers. Land Vehicle crews have also adopted the gear. The uniforms have a variety of camo options, while also allowing for quick gearing up, resulting in some soldiers wearing jeans under the leg equipment. There are 4 current variants of Soldier, named for the main area of operation. Desert, Urban, Woodland and Arctic.
  • Two types of Pilots. The Helicopter Pilots pilot all the helicopters, as well as the Large cargo planes. Jets are however flown by the Jet Pilots. Both go through a rigorous training course developed by Tiger Aviation.

Special Units:

  • Infiltrators are often reserved for Corporate espionage, and are a unit which Brooks calls the shots, not Komarov, unless Komarov requests their stealthy approach in missions. A small amount serve in Tiger as Soldiers in their downtime.
  • The Tiger Matrons are the All Female combat unit. They are special in the sense Komarov has bias towards females, and sees any who can pass his standards as an elite soldier, and worthy of a unique position in the faction.
  • Hazmat units are ones called to handle Chemical spills, or if need be, Chemical weapons. Equipped with high tech hazmat suits, they work in pairs to clean up a scene. However, the suit is very vulnerable to gunfire, so these units will rarely, if ever, see active combat.



Tiger units are trained to handle most any type of vehicle, given they utilize vehicles from clients who hire the faction. However, they do produce a few of their own vehicles, listed below.


  • Leopard 2A7 (Customized with Tiger's Camo patterns)
  • Zil "Punisher" MRAP (Marked with Tiger's Logo.)


  • Customized Aircraft Carriers called Tiger Dens. Numbered in order of production. Currently there are 3. These customized craft not only allow planes and jets to takeoff on the ocean, it can also supply a battalion of troops, while also able to carry a good amount of supplies and land vehicles in the cargo dock.
  • A few Freighters from Tiger Corporation's shipping department when needed.
  • A Patrol Boat, consisting of a crew of a Driver, Gunner and 3 other personnel per boat. Armed with dual 7.62x39mm machineguns, operated by a gunner in the front of the boat.
  • Small, mobile boats, referred to as Spy Boats by Tiger. Houses two crew members, and various reconnaissance equipment. Also can be paired with a drone to provide visual coverage of the spy boat's operating radius.


Weapons and Equipment


Tiger training covers usage of a variety of common weapons, as Tiger units are often equipped with gear from those who hire them. In addition to this gear, Tiger does produce and has a standard weaponry list as well, listed below.

Assault Rifles



Sniper Rifles


Secondary Weapons



Notable Personnel



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