In the beginning

Tchvonia started out as a mass of different cossack tribes and kingdoms throughout the Balkans, Eastern Europe, and Siberia in the early 900AD's, coming together to unite under one banner.

Together these Cossack Kingdoms traded and ruled the stretch of land, they stuck heavily to their traditional beliefs up until the mid 1800s when some of them decided to branch off into more civilized societies. This was The Great Split and it split Tchvonia into two sects: Those who stuck with tradition and those who decided to explore new realities.

Industrial Revolution to Cold War

After the turn of the century, Tchvonians had intergrated into the societies of the East, and somewhat West. They stuck close to Russia and during the Russian Revolution they decided to help overthrow the Tsar who saw Tchvonian cossacks as less than equals. What started with good intentions soon soured as Tchvonian Communists had begun to despise their Cossack and non-communist brothers, to the point of ratting them out to Russia for 'removal'.

During World War 2, Tchvonians helped the war effort by building and then manning factories out in Siberia. During that time Tchvonia's greatest political leader had been born, a man by the name of Mikhail Veselov. During the 1970s and 1980s, he tried his hardest to bring Tchvonia to legitimacy in the USSR.

Mikhail was a strategist, he formed Tchvonia's government and managed to convince the USSR to allow them to safe keep Siberia from possible attack. In 1995, all his hard work paid off as he and his people were given sovereignty in the aftermath of the collapse of the USSR. The Tchvonian People's Republic of Tchvonia was born as a satellite state on the other side of the Ural mountains. He ruled over the Tchvonian people until December 30th 2013,

Modern Times

The Tchvonian People's Republic of Tchvonia is an sovereign nation formed by the former Soviet Union in 1995.

The Tchvonian People's Republic of Tchvonia was a Communist nation since since December 15th, 1995 until December 30th 2013 when the Veselov Regime was overthrown by a Socialist Tchvonian Revolutionary group. Today Tchvonia is a Socialist Semi-presidential constitutional republic. Tchvonia is now once again a single party Communist Nation.

Top religious views are Russian Orthodox Christianity and Tchvonian Orthodox Christianity.

As of December 15th 2016, the Veselov Regime has regained control of Tchvonia through Presidential elections. Aleksandra Sophia Veselov was sworn in as Tchvonian President on January 7th, 2017, under the banner of Tchvonian Communism.