The Shepherds were founded by former-KGB agent Yuri Kletsiv in 2004. Yuri made the group's objective simple; exterminate muslims.

Modern times

While not alot is known about the group, it is clear that they have expanded. Members of the group are often seen wearing modern Russian gear in either black or flora.

Yemen Massacre (2017)

A white van stopped in Yemen's capital, upon the back doors opening two men clad in black military gear jumped out with RPKs. They opened fire upon a large crowd. Police forces that arrived on scene were massacred too. The men got back into the van, as they somehow escaped the scene. The Shepherds claimed responsibility, stating that it was just the start.

Attacks in Karaq (2017)

A small group of "agents" hired a local to draw the attention of Karaqi infantrymen. After succeeding to draw their attention they were brought to an ambush point, where the agents were waiting. Armed with machetes and silenced SMGs they went to work, firstly killing the local that they hired. The two infantrymen were brutally murdered, having limbs cut off.

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