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The Red Star Alliance. A alliance with a soviet communistic view and dreams, united under both military and civil agendas. Each nation/faction's leader in the RSA has a chair within the administrative board, however the three founding nations have the most say in most matters. The RSA acts tactically on a massive scale, and has no room for rogue and wild nations/factions.

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Colonel Nikolai Lovejoy, Greenland 2015.

The nations/factions within the RSA.

The RSA consist of a few nations so far, but it is expanding and it is not unlikley that more will either join or fall to it's leaping claws.

The original founding nations of the RSA-




A Tbonian tank taking a detour due to the threat of rebel attacks along many roads in Ukraine, through obstructions tend to slow down the tour.


Current members as of 2016-

Tbonian People's Republic of Tbonia

Socialist States of Relawi

Hostage rescue, Russmenikan civil war.

Soviet Republic of Provideniya

Former Red Star Alliance Nations-

I.C.U.U. (Government coup, communist views overthrown.)

Working People's Slavic Federation of Eastern Europe (dissolved back to Russia)


The S.S.R. evacuating from Saudi Arabia after a planned truce between the waring factors.

2014-02-15 00003

Airborne Commandos of the I.C.U.U. on a mission for the RSA at a outskirt harbor in Odessa.


2014-02-15 00002

Airborne Commandos of the I.C.U.U. regrouping in the night of Odessa City.

Mass engagements-

War in Odessa (2012-2015) Red Star Alliance members fought many fights during this 3 year engagement.

Liberation of Odessa (2014) The Finest hour of a combined force, SSR and Tbonian forces launched one of the largest seaborne invasions in the region. Tbonia pushed towards Crimea while the SSR pushed for Odessa. Tbonian holdouts, reminded who they were, came out of hiding and helped the SSR defeat the terrorist group Western Route. The war in Ukraine drew to a close as the Red Star Alliance forced Western Route to surrender.

German Crisis (2015, mass attack by SRP troops hours before the detonation of the bomb, were spared nuclear hell as most fought on the outskirts away from the city)

Communist rebels fight the Russmenikan Capitalist forces

Humanitarian work

SSR stayed behind in Odessa for almost a year after its liberation, organizing a joint effort to rebuild the city to its formal glory. After construction was completed and Tbonia finished decontaminating any radioactive areas, the city was deemed livable again for most areas. Tbonia was passed the torch to defend the city by the SSR and has been the primary force watching over Odessa, operating out of their mainstay base on Crimea along with Forward Operating Bases in and around Odessa.

Red Star Alliance members have also continued to provide supplies to worse off villages around Ukraine, and have also organized special cleaning teams to clear war hazards like wreckage, bodies, and other contaminates.


WPSFEE T-90's roll through the ruins, end of Russmenikan civil war.


Tbonian soldiers leaping for the safety of the trench as they take heavy fire.