The Platine Commonwealth (it's full name being the Commonwealth of Platine Republics), is a South American semi-presidentialist Confederacy. They have a Chaotic Neutral allignment.


The Commonwealth shares a lot of it's history with Argentina and the Viceroyalty of the Rio de La Plata (both countries' predecessor), since both used to be united in a single nation, the roots of it's independence arose however from the Platine War, between Brazil and Argentina, which ended in 1851 with Brazilian victory. Even though the rebel provinces of Corrientes and Entre Rios helped Brazil win the war, the disagreements between Buenos Aires and the governments of those regions already created a slight sense of nationalism, which was kind of suffocated by the victory. Things changed however after the Paraguayan War (1864-70), even though the alliance composed of Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay emerged victorious, the provinces that now form the Commonwealth were extensively damaged by the war and were the ones that contributed most Argentine fighters, yet little was made to compensate their efforts; this was the greatest reason that led the region's nationalist movement gain strength, followed by other incidents for the years to come.

In 1877, a separatist revolt exploded in the modern Commonwealth region, it was suffocated by the Argentine government, with Brazilian support, despite it's efforts. In 1891, however, the Brazilian Emperor falls and a republic is proclaimed, whose first years were known for economic crisis, inflation and political instability; taking advantage that one of Argentina's strongest partners was in bad shape, a second revolt occurs in early 1892, this time successful and the country's independence is declarative in the city of Corrientes. Seeing interest in this situation, the United Kingdom supports the separatists, which emerged victorious in late November of 1893.

The first years of the new country were rough, although the victory over Argentina, it was in debt with Britain, the first Platine governments decided to take advantage of their privileged geographical position, ideal for commerce, and decided to use it to it's max potential, focusing to turn the country into a commercial and industrial power house. By the mid 20th century, the Commonwealth was almost fully industrialized, slightly overcoming Brazil in the 1940's, especially because of the Commonwealth's rather pacifist policy, keeping them out of both WW1 and 2, as well as being a huge trade partner with multiple South American nations, the country also had a good deal of investments from the Americans during the Cold War era, with time the country got richer, population grew exponentially, individual liberties grew even more, but it's military, remained dated, as the country wished to avoid more conflicts with it's neighbors, especially one of the motives being the importance to their economy of trade agreements and routes established.

Things started to change in the 70s though, the country's economy started to have a downturn and get worse, which only got even worse because of the 1973 Oil Crisis. The fear of a crisis, and even more of a revolution, led the rise to the post of Prime Minister of a said center-left candidate, Rosario. Promising to overcome the current problems of the country, he started a series of populist policies, which granted him HUGE popular support, thus allowing him to be Prime Minister for a few more years; during the first years, his results were turning out good, but as time passed, debt, corruption, state inefficiency and other problems came, Rosario though, owning a great speech ability, managed to keep the masses at his side and took a more extremist approach, accusing as traitors of the people those who wished his fall. This divided the nation between those who supported or not the government, causing instability and violence.

Ever since the 70s, the Commonwealth has been taking hits after hits, the last one being the 2008 Economic Crisis, however, just like in the past, the country has been showing signs of growth once more and they might overcome their current state, as a Center-Left and Center-Right coalition is dominant in the Provincial and Federal governments. However, they've been growing very aware and rather scared of the ongoing events throughout the world, leading a wing of the government to defend it's time for the Commonwealth to abandon it's pacifist approaches and get more aggresive, as according to them, that led the country's survival to be very dependent on others' good will. They say that if the Commonwealth wishes to reach the 1st World, they need to arm themselves in order to guarantee their independence.

World Relations

Xin Syndicate (Allied++)- Seeing them with bad eyes before they set up in the country, relations got warm as the Syndicate played by the country's rules, becoming a prominent weapons' manufacturer, supplying the Platine Federal Army. Some also say that their good relations are thanks to a secret deal made between the Commonwealth's Defense Ministry and Xin's Syndicate head, Mr Xin, which granted them the permission to freely research and manufacture weapons.

Khanate of Tunguska (Allied-) :The Khanate and the Commonwealth's main reason to be united is economic cooperation, as both have resources that interest one another, the Commonwealth has also an extra reason to be allied with them which is the objective to reinforce their army using Tunguskan technology. This has been getting uncertain thanks to the ongoing civil war in Tunguska.

Grand Duchy of Baltia (Allied): Similar reasons to those of Tunguska's, Baltian and Platine partnership is mostly due to the fact of economic cooperation. Although the Commonwealth was one of the first countries to recognize the Grand Duchy of Baltia, which indicates the possibility of interests in the country.

Tbonian People's Republic of Tbonia (Neutral): It was thought that the partnership with Tunguska would damage the relations between both countries, but at least it dosen't seem like that happened. The Commonwealth sees in Tbonia a potential great trade partner, with it's vast resources, but they haven't really been into big talks; some say one of the Commonwealth's interests in Tbonia is to use it to increase it's reputation with other factions, but it's obvious the greatest Platine interest in this situation is mostly economic, although at least for the Platines, the main downside regarding Tbonia is their shock of political ideas; with Tbonia being mostly built under Communism, while the Commonwealth was mostly built under Liberalism.

SABRE International Security & Investment Group (Neutral-): Different from what some factions have been thinking lately about PMCs, the Commonwealth does not actually sees them as a threat; they're actually seen as good things, since they generate jobs, wealth and make capital circulate; although they keep a suspicious eye on what PMCs are doing out there, in order to guarantee they're not letting possible threats in the country. SABREs latest engagements out there have created a certain paranoia regarding them amongst the Platines, but the country does not refuse to let SABRE start operations, as long as they play by the rules.

Nemean Lion (Neutral++): The Commonwealth and Nemean Lion share a rather friendly relation, both factions have mutual benefitial interests and have already participated in several talks. Both look forward for future trading and partnership.

World's Liberation Army (WLA) (Neutral-): Seeing them as amateurs and having innefective peacekeeping methods, the Commonwealth dosen't see the WLA with good eyes although the rather noble intentions and that apparently won't change any time soon.

Republic of Boliveria (Neutral): Both countries have never participated in any relevant conversations, despite the fact that both exist for a long time and are located in the same subcontinent, their main disagreement is regarding the PMCs, Boliveria standing as a strong opposition while the Commonwealth has a policy that borders Open Doors. The Platines don't have anything against the Boliverians however, and wish to someday start a partnership with them, especially regarding the Military aspect.

Anointed Warriors of Allah (Hostile/Afraid): The Commonwealth has always seen any radical group as a threat, the AWA has become one of the most feared ones recently, especially after their use of Nerve Gas and Dirty bombs in Daara and Inkhil respectively. The Platines fear what the AWA can be capable of, they're one of the reasons why security all over the country has been getting even more tight by the day.

Somalian Socialist Republic (Neutral): Similar to Boliveria's case, both countries have never been into big talks. Because of the recent trade agreement with the Socialist Republic of Karaq, the Commonwealth has kind of left the SSR in second plan, but they never discarded the possibility of expanding further into the African continent. Also similar to Tbonia, the shock of political and economic ideals is also something partially holding the Platines back. Keyword, partially.


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