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In 1895, a small group of rebels started to attack the British Government, due to a new law being imposed on the British Empire. The law would completely destroy the whole meaning of freedom around, virtually the world. The rebels were lead by a Doctor, who knew his will was being threatened. During this time, even though he was white, he was being brought up in a wealthy African city, colonised by the British. The Doctor's name was Jackald Nifery. He specialised in Medicine, althoguh he was a well-known Physicist. He started to revise on old Gravitational laws. After the rebel group he created was dispersed, Jackald disappeared. Some rumours say he died of an infection or disease. Others say he amstered technology and managed to take off into space - however, this theory has been disproved. His remains were found in an unmarked grave in the small forest him and his rebel group reamiend during time they weren't fighting.

The Rebellions.

Virtually nothing is known about the rebellions, it was a very secretive subject, and it seemed no one knew about them, except those who were alive at the time.

Modernisation of The Rebel Group - The Knives.

The small rebel group was modernised during the Great War,

-More Info to come soon-

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