The Initiative always had a shadowy reputation, always keeping to the darkness, and using proxies and lies to hide themselves from global attention.  The Initiative first appeared in 1987, though many believe the order to be much older, and having a long history of meddling and guiding global affairs.
The Initiative has never directly involved itself in any world conflict, however it has always had a passive interest in the outcome of these conflicts, and even some times tips the scale to the interests of the Initiative.

Command structure

The structure of the Initiative seems to be more loose than the rigid type of other factions and global superpower militaries.  Though there have been rumours about a single individule, or group known as "Chairman."  Below "Chairman" Is a set of regional commanders and advisors, however their handles have not yet been assertained.  The regional commanders could be considered a type of "General" in any given theatere.  The command structure below each regional commander seems to be streamlined into subsets of troops, such as Fireteams, Sniper Teams, CAS teams, and so fourth, with no large-scale platoon style command strategem.


Ground Vehicles

The Initiative holds a small number of Armoured Personelle Carriers and Light Attack Vehicles specifically designed for the Initiative, and thus are quite distingushable from other faction vehicles.  The full compliment of each class of vehicle is currently unkown, though it is suspected that the Initiative possess no heavy artillery or tanks.


The Initiative maintains a sizable fleet of transport and attack helicopters, as well as a small number of
Ep2 outland 10a0000

Mythos Initiative Transport Chopper

Osprey-like VTOL aircraft.  Each craft is equipped with some type of stealth technology, per the MO of the Initiative of keeping a low profile, and minimal casualties.


Mythos Infantry is more oriented towards specialization rather than general infantry roles.  Due to having every
Ep2 outland 10a0001

Mythos Troops

memeber of the Initiative being highly trained, there are far less of them than most other factions.  This also means that they are quite nicely outfitted with top of the line gear.  For this reason, the Initiative prefers stealth and subterfuge rather than brute force, however troops are capable of straight up firefights if the need arises.

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