Children of God's religious lawmaker.


The first thing many notice about the Magistrate is just how beautiful and enamoring he looks, especially when compared to the rest of the cult's members. Looking at him is enough to soothe your soul, and people have even reported that staring at him long enough relaxes and calms them down. There was even one incident where someone was so hypnotized, they tried to kiss him, though he ended up shoving them away. Though even with his perfect beauty, certain people who have stayed around him long enough suddenly feel as if there's something very, very wrong with him. No one can quite pin what it is exactly, but being around him too much will start to cause severe discomfort in people, and will make them afraid of him. Besides his perfect beauty, the Magistrate is in charge of ordering and managing all the public executions inside Gesem, as well as serving as it's head judge whenever a crime is committed against the cult. In other words, if someone wrongs the cult, and they get their hands on them, it's up to him whether the perpetrator lives or dies; however, neither outcome is pleasant.

Besides serving as CoG's own chief justice, he serves as Adam's right hand man, and helps him in obtaining power so that one day he may finally depose of the Holy Father.


The Magistrate is a very peaceful man who prefers to talk things over instead of fighting people to get what he wants. Though, it almost seems as if he is being too nice, as if he was hiding something in his personality he doesn't want others to know.

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