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The Legion

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Formation and Strategy:

Command Structure:

Preobrazhensky March - Марш Преображенского полка08:16

Preobrazhensky March - Марш Преображенского полка

Offical hymn & March of The Legion.

Equipment List

This is the entire inventory of the Eastern Roman Republic's Legion, which include; Ground Forces, Air-Force, and Navy.

Assault Weapon(s):

M70 Variants (All Branches)

M70M Variants (All Branches)

AK-103 Variants (All Branches)

AK-74M (Praetorian Guards)

(The M70 variant rifles are left over from the early days of the ERR, in which the ERR bought many from the Yugoslav Army at the time. The M70M series is a ERR modernization of the M70 assault rifle, with many different variants including Carbine versions, which are manufactured in the ERR)

Side Arm(s):

Walther P38 (All Branches)


M249 (All Branches)

M240 (All Branches)

B72 (Armed Forces, Navy)

B72M (All Branches)

BKM (Armed Forces, Navy)

M53 (Armed Forces, Praetorian Guard)

(The B72 series is a modernization of the Yugo M72 LMG based on the RPK - while the BKM is a ERR version of the PKP)

Heavy MG(s):

NSV (All Branches)

M2 Browning (Armed Forces, Praetorian Guard)

KORD (Armed Forces)

DShK (All Branches)

BXM313 "XM312 HMG Heavy Machine Gun" (In Early Testing)

Sniper Rifle/Anti-Material Rifle(s):

SVD (All Branches)

VSS Vintorez (All Branches)

L115a3 (Ground Forces)

KSVK 12.7 (Armed Forces, Navy)

Rocket Propelled Grenade(s):

RShG-2 (All Branches)

RPG-18 (All Branches)

RPG-29 (Armed Forces, Praetorian Guard)

RPG-26 (All Branches)

Mini-Spike Missile System (In Testing Phase)

Static Weapon(s):

SPG-9 Kopyo (All Branches)

2B14 Podnos (All Branches)

9K135 Kornet (All Branches)

Anti-Air Weapon(s):

Igla-S (All Branches)

9K333 Verba (All Branches)

Artillery Weapon(s):

152 mm howitzer 2A65 (All Branches)

Nora 152mm howitzer (Armed Forces, Navy)

122 mm howitzer 2A18 "D-30" (All Branches)

Vehicles of The Legion

Armour of the Legion:

T-55AMV "Modernized" (Navy, Export)

T-62M (Reservists)

T-64A (All Branches)

T-64BV (All Branches)

T-64BM (All Branches)

T-72A/B (Reservists)

T-72AV (All Branches)

T-72M2 "Can be used as Command Vehicle" (All Branches)

T-80BV (All Branches)

T-80UK "Can be used as Command Vehicle" (Armed Forces, Praetorian Guard)

T-80UM (Armed Forces, Praetorian Guard)

IFV for the Legion:

BMP-1D (Navy)

BMP-2K (All Branches)

BMP-3 (Vesna-K) (In Testing Phase)

BMP-3 (Vesna-K/A) (In Testing Phase)

BTR-80 (Armed Forces, Praetorian Guard)

BTR-70 (Armed Forces, Navy)

BTR-80A (Early production)

BMD-1P (Navy)

BMD-R (All Branches)

BMD-2M (Armed Forces, Praetorian Guard)

BMD-4M (In Testing Phase)

BMD-4M(A) (In Testing Phase)

Howitzer Artillery for the Legion:

2S3 (SO-152) (All Branches)

Rocket Artillery for the Legion:

BM-27 Uragan (Armed Forces)

BM-30 Smerch (Armed Forces)

BM-21 "Grad" (All Branches)

Logistical Vehicles for the Legion:

UAZ 469 (Navy)

M1123 HMMWV (Armed Forces, Praetorian Guard)

GAZ Tiger (All Branches)

KamAZ 43501 (All Branches)

Ural-4320 (Armed Forces, Navy)

Rotor Aircraft for the Legion:

Mi-24P - Being replaced by Mi-24G and stockpile sold off (All Branches, Export)

Mi-24V - Being replaced by Mi-24G and stockpile sold off (All Branches, Export)

Mi-24G SuperHind - New Main Attack Gunship (All Branches)

Mi-28 havoc (Armed Forces, Praetorian Guard)

Ka-50 "Black Shark" - Limited Service (Praetorian Guard)

Ka-52 "Alligator" - Limited Service (Navy)

Ka-25 (Navy)

Mi-8AMTSh (All Branches)

Mi-8MTV-5 (All Branches)

Mi-6 - Limited Services (Navy, Armed Forces)

Mi-26T2 (All Branches)

Fixed-Winged Aircraft for the Legion:

MiG-23 (All Branches)

MiG-35 (Armed Forces, Navy)

MiG-29 (All Branches)

Su-25 Frogfoot (Armed Forces, Navy)

Su-27 (All Branches)

Tu-95 (All Branches)

Exports (ERR Arms Export Variants):

Outdated ERR Armor

T-14BV "T-64BV" (Export)

T-14BM "T-64BM Bulat" (Export)

T-12AMV "T-55AMV" (Navy, Export)

Strictly ERR Armor Export Variants

E-55 "Type-59" (Export)

E-55BV "Type-69-I" (Export)

E-62A "T-62A" (Export)

E-62M "T-62M" (Export)

Outdated ERR Aircraft

Mi-24P/V (Export)

Mi-6 (Export)

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