The Civil Nationalist front (Or CNF for short) is a political ruling faction of South Croatia.South Croatia's Biggest City and Capital is Dubrovnik and total population of the country is 1.5 Million. South Croatia is located in Balkans. and it is bordered by Montenegro, Bosnia and Croatia. South Croatia has access to Adriatic Sea. South Croatia is one of founding members or Eurasian coalition.


After the Split of Yugoslavia The Civil Nationalist Front (CNF) was formed in the south of Croatia in the city of Dubrovnik as a right wing nationalist party attempting to take control of the country.  After attempting to take control politically numerous time but failing each time CNF managed to get financial backings off of wealthy industrial businesses who were promised that the threat of communism will be taken care of. With this invesment money they were able to import weapons over the border from Bosnia. Although poorly equipped CNF had good numbers on their side and were able to take any major towns and cities ranging from the south of the country in Dubrovnik, along the coast line up to the city of Split before the official government could mobilise their army and hold them back.

After 2 months of civil war between the government and CNF they were pushed back due to lack of essential supplies such as food and water. They were pushed back to the city of Metkovic before they could start to fight back and hold ground. This fight carried on for another 6 weeks before a ceasefire was announced. This ceasefire carried on for a few weeks before an agreement was came to that the CNF could keep as their own separate state away from Croatia, they instantly took up the name South Croatia. 


Grand Duchy of Baltia: (Coalition Ally)

Eastern Legion: (Coalition Ally)

The United Roman Republic: (Coalition Ally)

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