The British Royals were formed in 2006 when Lionel (A Veteran, who had served 12 Years in the British Army) couldn't leave his military past behind. He seeked out recruits, and hired them.
It was low funded but after many successful operations keeping people safe, The British Government offered lots of money as long as they keep the streets of Britain safe and would assist the British Army on Operations.

The British Royals are formed up by 2 Division, 1 Infantry Division and 1 Armoured Division.
Infantry Division: 3 Corps/Regiments, 2 of the regiments are Frontline Infantry and the third is a Logistics regiment (Delivers supplies etc.)
Armoured Division: 2 Corps/Regiments, 1 of the regiments is Heavy Armour consisting of 2,100 Main Battle Tanks and the other Regiment is Light Armour consisting of Light Armoured AFV's or IFV's.

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