Task Force: Wolfpack is a new specialist strike force for Blackforce Corporation. Like that of Task Force: NOBLE, Wolfpack is designed well outside of what a standard Blackforce unit does, and in doing so, instead of having 10 men in a unit, Wolfpack has 12 men, with the idea to have them work in 3 small squads of 4 men, with the call signs of 'Wolfpack 1', 'Wolfpack 2' and 'Wolfpack 3'. The reason as to this style of formation is to allow Wolfpack to work as Blackforce's dedicated Counter-Insurgency strike force and as a long-range support unit, working our deep behind enemy lines.

The idea, and later forming, for Wolfpack's style of formation came from both Steven 'Ghost' Edwards and Elias Rossel, both of whom are veterans of the Battle of Takur Ghar back in 2002 when their units fought alongside a US Delta Force Team (AFO Wolfpack) and a DEVGRU Team (AFO Neptune), where their mission was to ID, and either eliminate or mark for air strikes, Taliban and Al-Qaeda camps and weapon caches in the mountains of Shah-i-Kot Valley. While the mission itself wasn't a major success, the concept of two small teams working out in the wilderness, marking and destroying targets, was effective. While both Ghost and Rossel are responsible for the ideas of Wolfpack, the unit's leader is Joacim Skarsgård.

What also helps make Wolfpack stand out is they are one of the few Blackforce strike teams with their own helicopter support. When deployed, Wolfpack has two squads on the ground, while the third squad are all combat pilot and utilise a UH-60 'Stealth' Hawk for their insertion, ex-filtration and also, should the situation need it, their own close-air support.

Due to the uniqueness of Wolfpack, many members of Blackforce will see the unit as a very useful asset in the near future.


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