Task Force: Vengeance is a relatively new strike team from Blackforce Corporation, founded and lead by Marcus Davenport, which was formed in June - July, 2015. This unit comprises completely of American Operatives who were born or raised in Seattle and/or who present in Seattle during the terrorist attack in Seattle on the 9th of June, 2015 (Damnation Day).

Due to Blackforce copping a fair bit of blame from the media, all due to the terrorists wearing Blackforce gear, the members banded together to help form a unit with the intention to bring down anyone who were responsible for the attack on their home city and to try and clear Blackforce's name and reputation.

Not much is known about the unit, due to it being a new unit and also due to a communications blackout from Blackforce while they conducted investigations to the attack, but what is known is that intend to operate as a clandestine unit and infiltrate deep behind enemy lines, with their first deployment intending to be in or near Damascus, Syria - and against the AWA. To also reflect their role as a clandestine unit, Vengeance members wear not the standard issue Tiger Stripe Patterns, but rather Kryptek Typhon Camo pattern to help with night-time infiltration missions.


  • Major Marcus Davenport - Commanding Officer