Task Force: Telemark is a specialist strike force for Blackforce Corporation which specialises in long-range commando, sabotage, covert and reconnaissance missions. Formed in October 2015 by Kristian Thorkildsen, this unit comprises solely of troops from Norway.

In addition to these operations, Telemark has a tendency to favour missions in sever winter conditions. This is a part of the reason for their name, but the main reason they are known Telemark is in honour of the Norwegian saboteurs, commandos and resistance fighters for their roles in the Norwegian heavy water sabotage raids against Germany during WWII.

To that end, while Blackforce recruitment requirements are strict, Kristian has enhanced that even further, which includes extensive training and experience in skiing, survival skills, enhanced orientation skills and also have performed at least 20 parachute jumps - all in the way of ensuring that the members of Telemark are more than capable of living up to their unit's name and it's significance in history.

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