Task Force: Törni is a new strike unit for Blackforce Corporation that was formed in January 2016 due to the recent shake up and reorganising. Founded by Finnish and American operatives Patrik Sibelius and Carl Blackburn, this unit was named in honour of the legendary WWII Finnish Army veteran turned US Green Beret soldier Lauri Allan Törni (aka Larry Alan Thorne)

To honour the fact that Törni had served in the armed forces in 3 different countries for most of his life, TF: Törni ranks are made up of Finnish, German and American operatives to reflect this, with US operatives coming from the Green Beret Only.

To also reflect Törni exploits, particularly that from the Continuation Wars and also Vietnam, this unit is trained for operation like Task Force: Raptor and Task Force: Vengeance - that is, long range reconnaissance, infiltration and also a long range commando unit for sabotage work - in addition to operating as a front-line shock unit.

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