Task Force: NOBEL is a new unit formed for Blackforce Corporation. Unlike most, if not all Blackforce Units, NOBEL is designed to operate outside of how Blackforce units usually operate.

Formed by both Paul Murphy and Nicole Williams, and lead by Steven 'Ghost' Edwards, NOBEL has 11 members in it's ranks, unlike the usual 10 operatives as standard. These 11 operatives are the commanders of Ghost Pack, Venom, Vengeance, Raptor Team, Nebel, Nova Team, Katyusha, Törni, Havoc and Hussar - Blackforce's elite and most experienced units, with years of combat experience and skills to be able to accomplish whatever lays ahead of them.

Due to the way that NOBEL is designed to operate, NOBEL is not listed as an active unit in Blackforce's records. Instead, if there is a mission that is a top priority, high risk scenario - or if the mission is a extreme crisis - that not even a Wolf Pack can achieve, then this is when NOBEL gets activated. To that end, NOBEL is formed ONLY for the toughest and dangerous mission they have and not for anything else.

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