Task Force: Helljumpers is a specialist strike force for Blackforce Corporation led by veteran operative Keegan Bradshaw. Formed in 2005, this unit is usually the first into any combat zone that Blackforce is deployed to. The reason this is the case is that Helljumpers comprises of operative who have extensive parachute training or a from a airborne/air assault unit.

To that end, while the vast majority of Blackforce are parachute certified and are capable of a airborne drop, Helljumpers are Blackforce's primary airborne unit, with all members having at least 30 jumps under their belt. Due to this, they are deployed on either airborne missions or as a vanguard unit for front line offensives.

However, should Blackforce be the first to enter enemy territory via an airborne assault, then Helljumpers are deployed first as a pathfinder unit, in which case their objective is to locate, secure and mark suitable drop zones and landing zones for the rest of Blackforce.

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