Tacticus Solutions
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CEO Johannes Sandström
CFO: Francis Keller
Chief of the Guard: Sebastian Greisbach
Head of Research: Anne Clifford
Headquarters: Tour Montparnasse building, Paris, France
Stock Status: Private, though reported up during the first two quarters of 2016
Offices around the world

VIP and SecurityServices

Advanced Robotics Technology

Advanced Aeronautics Technology

Research in the Advancement of Technologies both Civilian and Military

Motto: "There is always a Solution."

Years active:

1970 - Present Day

Type: Private Corporation

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Major Engagements

Gulf War

Iraq War

Global Espionage Wars

Tacticus Solutions


After its founding by powerful business tycoons in 1970, Tacticus Solutions has been the forefront of robotics and the evolution of battlefield technology.

Having been founded during the Cold War, they took heavy advantage of using the typical citizen's fear of being turned into nuclear vapor. Their first products made for the consumer base were oxygen equipment that can transfer radiation to mostly clean air (with a 92.7% success rate). After those hit big throughout the 1970s and early 1980s, they began investing in the field of robotics by opening an office in Japan to better relations with Japanese companies working in similar fields.

During the mid-1980s they produced more consumer appliances, ranging from simple time telling devices to engines for Formula 1 race cars(engines that revolutionized racing). This is also when they first started producing military grade technology and machinery, they developed their own version of the CROWS weapon system and sold it to numerous National Militaries on both sides of the wall. They continued working on military technology throughout the 1980s and even produced their first ever hypersonic scram jet.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, they opened their business front to Moscow and the former Soviet Bloc, they eventually became a close partner to The Tbonian People's Republic of Tbonia. With their new powerful partners they had even more funding and a test military to try out new technologies and equipment.

As the turn of the century came and the rise of electronic warfare reach an all new high, Tacticus Solutions has continued to advance. Now drones rule the battlefield and with every new conflict comes needs for new equipment, Tacticus Solutions has one of the largest drone research departments on Earth and also has a sizeable fleet of various drones.

The 2010s changed the playing field completely, the Global Espionage War called for new tactics and new types of warfare. It is here that Tacticus Solutions exists in the present and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Tacticus Solutions Involvements

1988 - Scramjet Icarus-7 Incident

2015-08-23 00013

An image of Icarus-8, another TS scramjet that looks visually identical.

The Scramjet Icarus-7 is a classified aircraft developed by Tacticus Solutions, but on one December night in 1988 the world knew of its presence.

Icarus-7 was getting ready for a test run over the North Sea at approximately 2400 hours, it detached from its carrier plane and began speed tests towards the Norwegian sea. A wind fluctuation drifted it a bit towards the Shetland Islands and in another misfortune, it buzzed past an RAF bomber patrol.

As news reached back to RAF command they scrambled after the Icarus-7 and pursued it until it crashed into the sea, the Tacticus Solutions carrier plane was forced to land at RAF Boulmer. The incident ended without issue and an apology was issued to the British Government for not filing a flight plan with them.

Tacticus Solutions 8/22/2015 Paris Subway Shooting

On the 22nd of August, 2015 there was an incident involving Tacticus Detectives and several unruly individuals. As the situation heated the suspect reached into his pocket in a fast motion. Tacticus Detectives opened fire on all three suspects and prominently killed them on the spot. The incident is still under investigation and the Tacticus Detectives have been put on paid leave.

UPDATE DECEMBER 24th 2015: Tacticus Solutions Detectives were cleared of all wrong doing by a jury of their peers.

Detroit Refurbishment

In December of 2015, Tacticus Solutions agreed to help Trinity Corp in their refurbishment of Detroit. Turning the city into one big prison was the idea of Senator Joseph Jacobs and it was a good idea. All seemed in favor but then varying factions from different corners of the world decided it was a barbaric idea and went in to defend Detroit's population(even though the population was never in any real danger)

Mid December brought a lot of executive level dirt slinging from both sides, Tacticus and Trinity verbally hammering away at their critics and Penumbra promoting their views on the situation. As of December 21st, BPC forces showed up *suddenly* and Tacticus Solutions investors finally decided that the situation got out of control, pleading with CEO Catherine Homestead to pull forces out of Detroit.

As of 5AM EST December 24th 2015, Tacticus Solutions forces pulled from Detroit and were ordered to hold at Cleveland, Ohio indefinitely.


April 18th 2016

Tacticus Solutions Group Alcatraz has left the United States and Returned to France.

Terrorism in the United States

In late May of 2016, Raven Consortium terrorists attacked New York City in a wave of violence. Tacticus Solutions deployed their security forces to the US to help the United States Government and Trinity Corp with clearing out any further cells.

On the 28th of May, Tacticus Solutions ambushed a Raven operative trying to flee the country out of Albany International Airport. TS then proceeded to requisition more security personnel to the operation. June 1st came and TS managed to get five of their MRAP Cougar HE's stateside.

Assassination of Catherine Homestead

In the early hours of June 2nd, Tacticus Solutions CEO Catherine Homestead touched down at JFK International Airport in her private jet. She had decided to go to New York to show her support and also discuss the terrorism issues with Trinity and US Government officials in person. Around noon on June 2nd, meetings had wrapped up for the day and Catherine's convoy had been stuck in traffic near Chinatown. For reasons unknown currently, the convoy diverted off the main road to go through the narrow streets of Chinatown where they came under direct fire from Raven operatives. In the chaos of the battle, Catherine took a partial grenade fragmentation and three shots to the torso while being evacuated to a secondary MRAP, despite arriving at Mercy hospital she later died from her wounds. .

A New Direction

With the death of Catherine Homestead, Tacticus Solutions needed a new leader. That new leader was Johannes Sandström, a veteran of the company for 20 years and aggressive business tactician. Upon taking power, Johannes proceeded to replace most of the highers ups in the company with his own people but decided to keep the lead R&D woman. He also told his investors that Tacticus Solutions was taking a different approach and would stop selling to the civilian market. The TS Security branch was going to be more heavily funded and the Icarus program was going to be gaining a weaponized variant of their scramjet engine.

Johannes Sandström

Born in 1972 to a rich family in Gothenburg, Sweden, Johannes was the youngest of four brothers and one sister living in a world where Soviet invasion was a very real possibility. Having attended and graduated from the School of Vienna in Austria, Johannes had become very good in business tactics though his plans to make the world safer were cut a bit short as Communism had fallen. In 1996 he joined the ranks of Tacticus Solutions as a 'people person', he remained here until about Fall 2000 when he became an executive at the company. His ruthless and genius decisions while as an executive helped secure Tacticus Solutions in its new headquarters in Paris, though he often got into disagreements with his employer Catherine Homestead.

When he received word that she had been killed in NYC, he allegedly told his secretary that "Catherine should have probably worn a vest, silicon doesn't stop bullets all too well." to which he denies. With the death of Catherine, Johannes took the advantage of the power vacuum and was voted in by TS investors. His first order of business was to fire all employees he saw as 'too weak or too branded by Catherine' which included the Chief of Security, Chief Financial Officer, and numerous other executives of power and brought in his own people. Now the world can only watch and see what Johannes has in mind for the French company.

2017 and Tacticus Solutions

It has already been a busy year for Tacticus Solutions, the French based company has been receiving many contracts from Herrera for safety and security concerns. These contracts gave Johannes Sandström an idea to put into play the TS OS system which has kept TS personnel and their headquarters safe for decades.

During the annual Tacticus Solutions Technologies Showcasing in Paris, Johannes introduced the once secretive system to the world and also announced that the city of Lille in Herrera had made a several billion dollar contract with the company to have the TS OS CitiGrid system installed in full in their city. Johannes also introduced a consumer version of the product with the TS OS App and the TS OS SmartHub, both of which can be synchronized with everyday smart products such as tablets, televisions, alarms, appliances, and everything in between.

Thus far, TS OS App has been downloaded over 20 million times and the TS OS SmartHub has sold several million units with even more orders expected to be on the way with another rumored announcement. Tacticus Solutions has also rumored at installing TS OS into several hotels that use their services, which will remove the need for keycards almost entirely as well as make other accommodations easier.

One of the more surprising mass buyers of the TS OS SmartHub was the Platine Commonwealth, where sales of it there surpassed board projections in under a week. Tacticus Solutions might be in talks with the Government of Platine to install TS OS CitiGrid in several of their cities, a project that will take a few years to complete but what is provided with the service will pay out in the end.

Tacticus Solutions Japan also introduced the company's first ever fully autonomous utility robot, the TS Mk 8 Crusader. The robot is capable of performing menial tasks as well as those a living creature would surely perish in. The Tacticus Solutions Security Wing plans on adding Combat Programming to it in the near future, as they have viewed the Crusader can be a vital asset in the field of equipment muling, rescue and recovery, as well as preforming combat tasks.

Out of Game info about Tacticus Solutions

Tacticus Solutions' range of control is on the property they own on/in the Tour Montparnasse building in Paris and whatever other office/property space they are currently renting/owning/paying taxes for in other parts of the world. The area of influence in France isn't their absolute control but it's just an area they have influence in or that you would see them in commonly.

They've got other places around the world but they like sticking to corporate matters rather than policing up everywhere with military force(which is why I pulled them from Detroit because it was entirely against their character to be there.). They test their technologies in parts of the globe because France isn't a good place to see how a scramjet engine works in tropical climates, or how a UGV will handle arctic terrain.

Also another thing I really want to make clear about Tacticus Solutions is that they cannot do war stuff, they have a security force but they can't do open battle with tanks and jets and navies. Their security force is to ensure the safety of their corporate offices and test sites, as well as provide any security service for someone looking for professional security. The most they would be able to do in open combat is JTAC work for a force that has the means to fight.

Their main goals are corporate production and advancement of aeronautic, robotic, and electronic technologies. The Tacticus Solutions Security Sector is there to ensure nobody tries to do any harm to the Tacticus Solutions Corporate Sector.

Images of TS Personnel


Tacticus Solutions Security Personnel.(No particular order)


TS Personnel installing TS OS systems inside a Government building in Lille, Herrera.


TS OS Promotional Image.


TS Security Personnel and Herreran Police manning a vehicle inspection area.

TSOS Bridges n shit

TS OS Systems being installed under a bridge in Lille, Herrera.