Sveslavia has been created in order to unify all Slavic nations. It's HQ is at Novosibirsk.

The most-known politicians are: Milan Zivkovic, Daniil Zavadil, Anatóliy Petrusenko, Ivan Jevremovic, Jakub Hraško and Carlos Kolodziey Sassala.


The idea of Sveslavia (or sometimes reffered to as Sveslavic Union) has been first mentioned in early 2014 by a few people on a social site Facebook. Later, in 2015, more people shared the idea and wanted to unite every single Slavic man, woman and children in one big country - the mighty Sveslavia.


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Sveslavia is ruled by Sveslavic Order - a political party, that made Sveslavia happen back in 2015. The political sector is propably fascism, due to love of their country.

The country is ruled by Slavic parliament of Sveslavia. There is no leader at all.

Every Slavic people can vote during the elections, but the non-slavic cannot because of strict rule: make Sveslavia for Slavic people and not anyone else. The non-slavic citizens cannot also join the Sveslavian' United Slavic Army or work in any government job.

Sveslavian's Military Force

Sveslavian's United Slavic Army (or SUSA) is an army of Sveslavia.

It's Chief-General is Milan Zivkovic.

The SUSA's military forces

Sveslavic Infantry

Sveslavic Air Force

Sveslavic Naval Force\\*

Sveslavic Special Operations

Sveslavic Special Weapon Research and Production

Sveslavic Space Program\\*

\\* - the forces that are being planned in the future

Alliances and Agreements


Home News


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