A recent discussion in the EW Discord raised the question of "how do we keep track of what notable assets factions have?" So, as kind of an extension/addendum of the "Rome wasn't built in a day" rule, I (with the approval of Jenkins and the other GMs) will be compiling a list of all the superweapons and other large military assets that the different factions have.

The logic behind this idea is that a lot of factions might have secret things they might want to use eventually, but if they're secret, just a footnote on a wiki page, or only exist on paper untill they're used, then it's difficult to tell whether they actually legitimately existed beforehand or if they've just popped into existence at a convenient moment.

Things that qualify for the list are as follows:

  • ALL superweapons, including nuclear weaponry.
  • Giant robots, tanks, or other massive weaponized land assets.
  • ALL orbital assets. This includes satellites, space stations, shuttles, etc.
  • Aircraft carriers and large battleships.
  • Anything else you think is worth mentioning.

I don't need to know details, names, or locations, just a simple list of what your factions have and a brief description if they're not immediately obvious. Send the info to me via PM or through Discord, I'll be adding this to the wiki as well for future reference.

The list will be curated by myself and viewable by the other GMs upon request.

- Kali

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