The Sparrow Corporation or Sparrow Corp are a International Ex-Military/Counter Terrorism Faction that is Based out Geneva, Switzerland


The Faction was Created when then PMC, Arthur Oberholtzer discovered while digging through the Unnamed Corporation he was working with had ties with a African warlord in Angola, Zayd Malikur. Arthur also discovered a W.M.D in the possession of Zayd who wish to use it on a Lab somewhere in Korea. Arthur, with John, Danny and other PMCs he convinced to join, launch a secret operation in Angola. Zayd was Killed and Arthur was thrown out of the Unnamed Corporation, Including John, Danny and the rest of the PMCs that join Arthur. Arthur decided to start a faction to conserve peace in the world.

Known Members

Arthur "Baseplate" Oberholtzer - Founder and Current Leader

John "Eagle" Palasky - Co-Founder and Commander of the Aviation unit

Danny "Iron Man" Anderson - Co-Founder and Commander of the Sparrow Corporation Armor Division

Unit One

Unit One is Sparrow Corporation's Oldest and Elite Unit Group Created by Arthur Oberholtzer during its starting days of the Faction, Consisting of Former Mercenaries and Soldiers.


Currently, Sparrow Corporation has 2 Known Bases at this time

Sparrow Corporation International Command - Geneva, Switzerland

Sparrow Corporation Italy F.O.B "Spectre" - Rome, Italy


Trooper Gear.

  • M16 Assault Rifle
  • Frag Grenades
  • M9 Colt Pistol
  • RPG-7

"Maximus" Heavy Combat Protection Unit

  • M249 SAW
  • RPG-7
  • Riot Shields

Faction Relations

The Smokkelaars Alliansie - Smugglers and criminals, Sparrow Corporation has taken the pride of securing their assets and eliminating their contacts by raiding their armories to reduce their steady income of weapons.

Anointed Warriors of Allah - Sparrow corporation was first deployed to Syria to battle the AWA for control over Syria.



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