SchattenKompanie, German for Shadow Company, is Rhinehart Systems' primary black ops and unconventional warfare unit. There is a saying amongst many of Rhinehart's members; "If PirschjägerKompanie is a high-profile unit, then SchattenKompanie is the exact opposite".

The saying does bears some truth. Should there be a mission that is either a top profile mission requiring elite troops or a mission that is detrimental to Rhinehart's interests, but cannot be completed due to either possible political connections or implications, then Schatten is called up to perform the mission and perform it while at the same time ensuring that no evidence is left behind implicating that Rhinehart was involved.

In addition to being a unconventional warfare unit, SchattenKompanie is also classified as a 'Counter-Stealth Unit'. To that end, Schatten's standard operating procedures includes that all members MUST have suppressors either built-in or attached to their weapons AT ALL TIMES and are forbidden from carrying heavy weapons such as missile launchers or LMGs due to the lack of suppressors for them (Grenade Launchers are an exception to this rule).

Some of the missions that SchattenKompanie perform are:

  • Covert & Strategic Reconnaissance
  • Black Propaganda (should the situation demand it)
  • Sabotage
  • Assassinations
  • Black Ops
  • Unconventional warfare
  • Infiltration

Due to the nature of Schatten and their ops, most of their activities are classified and also their existence is known only to the highest members of Rhinehart Systems.

The current commanding officer for SchattenKompanie is _________________

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