The Socialist Republic of Karaq was formed by a run away group from the Mujahideen during the Soviet-Afghan War, dragging with them a lot of equipment and manpower and were able to claim border territories from both Pakistan and Iran. After nearly getting annihilated from both sides,Karaq opened it's borders for anyone seeking to aid them and had a baby breeding campaign to garner more manpower to help fend off future attacks.


The flag of the Republic of Karaq

After holding their own for some time Karaq eventually claimed more territory from Iran and Pakistan, and managed to hold it. Peace has ruled for the last decade and Karaq has focused on their infrastructure, having access to a lot of oil made them a well equipped nation. In the last year as AWA has pushed on their reign of terror, Iran's attention has been focused elsewhere, leaving Karaq to themselves and giving them the courage to open up for international diplomatic and trade market.

Over the years Karaq lost it's culture following Islam, some traditions are still held up but a lot of laws and rules have died out,making their neighbouring nations dislike them greatly. Karaq was facing massive starvation due to being vastly over populated, but through trading oil for food imports with Boliveria and the Platine Commonwealth the crisis was temporarily averted and the agriculture sectorhas been greatly improved,but the final solution for the starvation threat might be by expansion of it´s borders.

The Panama Conflict.

As Karaq's most valued ally sent their forces into Panama. A division of expeditionary units trained by Boliveria aided them with the invasion, the Karaqi force in the region being a miniscule one comprimised of light motorized regiments compared to the other allies.

September 2016.

The presiden of Karaq, Abdul Baasid Rahman is reported to have died due to health complications. The presidential staff said they had seen it coming for a while,however there were no reports of the president suffering from health complications.

20160918172344 1

Republican Force advancing.

Meanwhile the defence minister,General Mu'taz Bashir took over the reigns of Karaq,untill a new election could be held.But seeing as Bashir was also the head of the communist party,members of the republican party staged a coup to remove Bashir from the chair,not trusting him to give up his position. Bashir however had a coup planned of his own, and the republican party played in just right.As Bashir ended the republican coup, he claimed Karaq to be the Karaq Iran Commune and ceased the capitol of Karaq, Bandar Abbas.

20160913150628 1

The Commune's forces capture of the Karaqi Parlament building

Seeing as Bashir was also the head of KSOS (Karaqi Special Operations Service) and most of the unit sided with him they had relatively ease ceasing the capitol, pushing the confused and dissorayed republican forces out of the capitol.
CKI copy

The flag of Karaq Iran Commune

General Bashir invited the Wolfpack terrorist group to Karaq, to aid them in securing the rest of the nation.But the republic forces vastly outnumber the communists´, and have gathered with it's allies Boliveria,Somalian Socialist Republic and a branch of special forces sent by the Kuril Republic to retake the capitol.

As both sides view eachother as traitors, they bear each a new flag, to seperate themselves from one another.

As of now the frontline lies at the outskirts of Bandar Abbas,and the stages to retake the capitol are to be commenced soon.

20160927173022 1

Commune soldiers


After the Republic of Karaq had a falling out with the Tchvonian People's Republic of Tchvonia, their central pact status has been in dissoray, both nations spewing threats at each other despite their status as allies.

Because of this the Somalian Socialist Republic pulled out, not wanting to get on the bad side of the Tchvonian, however to not completely ruin their relations with Karaq, a discounted deal of spare parts to the Karaqi's massive arsenal of old soviet tanks was made.

With Karaq mostly standing by itself, and divided, with the exception of some Boliverian Commandoes and peace keeping forces along with some Kuril spec ops. The Republic upheld the Siege on Bandar Abbas themselves, pushing in hard with a heavy casualty rate. Only a kilometer or two away from the Parlament building, the advanced stopped, the Republic went on the defensive, just holding the line as the goal was to starve out the Commune forces.

20170129233005 1

The General of the Republic speaking to the nation after the falling out.

After several months of besieging the inner part of Bandar Abbas, the Commune forces surrendered or fled, leaving the structural military of the Commune in dissoray and chaos. Again the exception would be the ever stubborn and hardened KSOS, holding out at the Parlament, having turned it into a fortress over the months.

As the KSOS commanders knew the Republic would not grind their own Parlament to dust by shelling it, a plan to do a surgical strike was put in place, and well planned out along with the Kuril Spec ops commander. However at the last minute the republic unofficially launched a chemical attack on the block, driving out the remaining forces with gas.

Hours after the attack republican troops simly walked in along with their vehicles, facing a miniscule resistance.

On April 25th, the civil war was declared over. Looking away from the mistreating and violating the human rights of the 'treacherous' enemy, Karaq was united and celebrated as one.

20170425133035 1

Republican Forces celebrating the retaking of the Parlament building and the end of the civil war.

April, 2017.

April 29th, the nation was once again split, but under peacefull circumstances.

Since the cold war Karaq has been a liberal country when it comes to religion, having many followers of Islam, no religion would have any influence on any state law or matter.

But during a civil war seeing as most of Karaq's followers of Islam, have strenghtened their belief. And after three days of arguing it was decided the nation, still as one, would be split into two states, Karaq and Sunni Karaq. The most eastern part falling to Sunni Karaq, the original territory conquered from Pakistan.

The flag of Sunni Karaq

The states are not to interfere with one another, with the exception of Council and military defense matters.

The Sunni Karaq, flying their own flag along with their own laws, dictated by the Sunni view of Islam have their own police and defence force. Any citizen of Karaq is free to move between the two states, as long as the respected laws and views in each state is upheld and respected. However for outsiders a special visa would be needed to enter both states.

Even though Sunni Karaq can be considered a puppet state of Karaq, they still hold seats within the republic's council. Leaving the Sunni's with a sway in internal and foreign politics. This might seem distastefull for many other nations, as Karaq's reason for this cooperative split was to leave religious sway out of the foreign politics, but ending up stuck with them.

The stability in the two states vary, the Sunni Karaq having rather unstable govern over their land, while Karaq's stability is on the rise after the war and generally a good place to live.

The Sunni Karaq is riddled with unsatisfied radical Shia muslims, often having skirmishes around in the state, wanting to tip the Sunni over to a Shia regime. The republic fears AWA's influence on the region and their possebilities of establishing cells and safe houses in Sunni Karaq. Despite the Sunni Defence Force having their own budget, the Karaqi Armed Forces' budget often involves equipment meant for the SDF. The KAF's budget being at least 30% higher than the SDF's. The possebilities of this creating turmoil and unstability is terrifying to the republic, but as agreed the Sunni state would govern themselves, with the exception being if the country is attacked.

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