Republic of Herrera (Short: RoH)
Herrera's flag


Strength through unity (Union fait la force)


  • Independence from France - 1887
  • Republic formed - 1891

General Information:

  • National Anthem: Freedom of the People
  • Languages: English, French
  • Capital: Lille, Herrera
  • President: 31st President Antoinne Larisse

Population and military size

  • Population: 8,674,000 million
  • ANG: 700,000 thousand
  • HN: 70,000 thousand
  • HMC: 120,000 thousand
  • HAF: 120,000 thousand

Known Engagements

  • World War I
  • World War II
  • War in Bosnia 2016
  • War in Panama 2016
  • New Hansa Conflict

Faction Owner

  • TheFrostBible


The Republic of Herrera is a country located in Europe, bordered with France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. It has a population of 8.674.000. It runs a semi-presidential system.


The roots of Herrera can be traced back to the Hundred Years' War, when British soldiers invaded France. After the war ended, the Brits never left the area which was no real issue until 1886, when civil unrest increased. Most French inhabitants left the area, resulting in a growing British population. It was not until one year later that the "Real" Herrera was created by having independence won from France. French population has begun increasing since the formation of a republic.

2010 Terrorist Attacks

It was 3:45PM on a saturday, the 14th of August 2010. Two trucks with clothing commercials on the sides parked infront of the 4,5 star Le Marmiton restaurant in Dunkirk. The two trucks blew up, almost leveling the entire street corner. It didn't end there as a container ship docked next to the Alexander-Morgan Class Reims was blown up, causing severe damage to the Destroyer. The total death count was 116. 35 civilians, 75 members of the Destroyer's crew, 3 Patrolmen and 3 dockworkers. The attacks were never claimed.

Memorial in Dunkirk

The memorial in Dunkirk being visited by Antoinne Larisse on the 14th of August, 2016, six years after the attack.

Armed Forces

The Herreran government spends most of it's budget arm it's Armed Forces with state of the art equipment. Herrera's military consists of four branches; the Army National Guard (ANG), The Department of Naval Operations (DNO), and the Herrera Military Guard (MG).

Army National Guard

The Army National Guard acts as the inland and outland military force of Herrera. The Herreran Army and the National Guard all fall under the ANG. The ANG has a total of 700,000 men in active service.


The ANG saw various deployments in the global espionage wars and other conflicts.

  • World War 1 (1914 - 1918)
  • World War 2 (1939 - 1945)
  • Cold War
  • War in Bosnia (2016)
  • War in Panama (2016)
  • Defense of New Hansa (2016-2017)

Herreran Navy (HN)

The Department of the Navy has the Herreran Navy and The Herreran Marine Corpse organized within. The Herreran Navy is the naval branch of the ROHAF whilst the Marine Corp is responsible for providing power projection using assets from the Navy. The Navy has a total of 70,000 active servicemen, whilst the Marine Corp. has an estimated 120,000 (including reserves)

Aircraft carriers

Herrera has two notable aircraft carriers: The Kuznetsov-D Terry Owen and the Forrestal Class Andrew King. The Kuznetsov was purchased from Tchvonia mid 2016, and was delivered in december. The Andrew King is the Ex-Independence that served the US Navy. It is suspected Herrera bought the ship late 2016, preventing it from being scrapped and dismantled at Brownsville, Texas.

Forrestal-Class Aircraft Carrier

Herrera bought the Ex-USS Independence (or what was left of it) late 2016. It has since been totally refitted, even seeing the conventional power source being replaced with a nuclear generator.


The HN saw various deployments in the global espionage wars and other conflicts.

  • World War 1 (1914 - 1918)
  • World War 2 (1939 - 1945)
  • Defense of New Hansa (2016 - 2017)
  • Operations in Karaq (ongoing)

Herreran Air Force (HAF)

The Herreran Air Force is the branch in charge of aerial operations widely regarded as one of the most advanced Air Forces in modern days, sporting modified and self produced models of current high-grade aircraft.


The HAF saw various deployments in the global espionage wars and other conflicts.

  • World War 1 (1914 - 1918)
  • World War 2 (1939 - 1945)
  • War in Bosnia (2016)
  • Defense of New Hansa (2016-17)
  • Operations in Karaq (ongoing)


 Cargo/Transport Aircraft
Type Amount Planned Info
C-130 Hercules 56 None N/A
C-17 Globemaster III 42 Unknown N/A
 Combat Aircraft
Type Amount Planned Info
FA-22 Raptor Unknown Unknown Self produced and modified version
F-16 Fighting Falcon II Unknown Unknown To be retired
A-10 Thunderbolt II Unknown Unknown Self produced and heavily modified version
F-15B (2D nozzle) Unknown Unknown  N/A
Type Amount Planned Info
TU-160 Blackjack 5 Unknown N/A
Type Amount Planned Info
KC-10 Unknown Unknown N/A
Type Amount Planned Info
E-767 AWACS 5 Unknown N/A
 Utility Helos
Type Amount Planned Info
UH-60 Black Hawk Unknown None N/A
NH-90 Unknown Unknown Used as presidential helicopter too
MH-6M "Little Bird" Unknown Unknown Combat version also in service
 Attack Helos
Type Amount Planned Info
AH-64 Apache Unknown None N/A
HC-7 Tiger Unknown Unknown Self produced helo, built upon RAH-66 plans, improved
AH-6M Little Bird Unknown Unknown Utility version also in service
Main Battle Tanks
Type Amount Planned Info
Leopard 1 Unknown None  Retired, surplus
Leopard 2A7 Unknown None In active service (ANG)
M1A2 Abrams Unknown None In active service (ANG and marines)
T-90 500 None In active service (ANG)
 APCs, SPAAGs, SPAs and AAVs
Type Amount Planned Info
M2A3 Bradley Unknown None N/A
Gepard 1A2 Unknown None N/A
M109A6 Paladin Unknown Unknown N/A
AAVP7A1 RAM/RS Unknown Unknown N/A
 Utility and Transport
Type Amount Planned Info
IVECO LMV  2000 Unknown Main transport of all branches
HMMWV Unknown None To be replaced by the IVECO LMV
GAZ TIGR  35 None Used by government agencies
MRAP 500 Unknown Main transport for all branches
KAT 1 Unknown Unknown Main troop and cargo transport
M1070 Unknown Unknown Heavy cargo/tank transport
Type Amount Planned Info
Forrestal-Class 1 None Flagship of the 7th Fleet
Kuznetsov-Class 1 None Flagship of the 4th Fleet
Allister-Class LHD 3 None Self Produced LHDs
 Utility and transport
Type Amount Planned Info
Alexander Morgan-Class GMD 46 14 Self Produced GMDs
HNS Lille battleship 1 None Retired, museum ship

Faction relations

Republic of Boliveria - Allies

Herreran forces supported Boliveria forces in Panama, and both sides are current members of the Central Pact.

Republic of Karaq - Allies

Both sides have never been involved with each other, but are allies as both sides are current members of the Central Pact.

Kuril Republic - Allies

Both sides have never been involved with each other, but are allies as both sides are current members of the Central Pact.

Firebrand Confederation - Allies

Herreran Air Force has supplied the Firebrand Confederation with vehicles and weapons, and are both current members of the Central Pact.

Dominion of New Hansa - Allies

The two nations are allied as both are members of the Central Pact coalition.

Grey Storm Air Force - Allies

Herrera recently announced an alliance with GSAF. Both factions are also open to selling resources to each other.

Coalition of Guadeloupe and Martinique - Allies+


Trivia and links

Herrerans was the name used by the British soldiers that invaded France during the Hundred Years' War.

Herrera is one of the longest existing factions lore-wise.

Along with some countries, Herrera is one of the only factions that utilizes an Airforce and Navy.

The horse is suspected to derive from the shield used by the original Herrerans, which had a horse depicted in the middle.

National Anthem:

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