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The Republic of Arcadia is a Constitutional Republic occupying the space also known as Newfoundland, With a large Fishing Fleet as it's primary source of income.


The Republic of Arcadia was a British colony, drawing it's name from the Greek word Αρκαδία,

The English encountered the indigenous people on the island of and in the region. They gradually became extinct as a people, as they suffered from new infectious diseases carried by the colonists, to which they had no antibodies and the loss of habitat due to English and French settlement. From 1610 to 1728, were appointed to establish colonial settlements on the island, as England tried to create North American footholds, Given the Arcadia colony's isolation from the more southern British Thirteen Colonies in North America (and also from the still  loyal colony of Nova Scotia, which provided a buffer), it did not become involved in their colonial rebellion of the 1770s. After the American Revolutionary War ended in 1783 with the independence of the United States, Arcadia Colony became part of British North America. The Crown resettled some Loyalists in Arcadia, but most were given land in Nova Scotia and present-day Ontario. It became an official Crown colony in 1825, and Thomas John Cochrane, an officer of the Royal Navy, was appointed as its first governor. He directed the construction of Government House which is located between Fort William and Fort Townshend. The colony was granted a constitution in 1832, and Cochrane became its first civil governor. The colony was granted self-governing status in 1854.

'''Arcadia''' was a British dominion from 1907 to 1983. The dominion was situated in north-eastern North America along the Atlantic coast and comprised the Island of Arcadia . Before attaining dominion status, Arcadia was a United Kingdom|British colony, self-governing from 1855. Newfoundland was one of the original "dominions" within the meaning of the Statute of Westminster of 1931 and accordingly enjoyed a constitutional status equivalent to the other dominions at the time.The great depression did not affect Arcadia as much as their neighbours to the West, with the country becoming isolationist until WW2 (1939). After the Canada Act of 1982, the government of Arcadia released a similar Act wherin they also became self-sufficient and fully independent from the United Kingdom. In the 1980s following independence the Country underwent a large modernisation, with the town of St John's becoming almost unrecognisable to many locals.

Military History

The Colony became a Dominion in 1907, under the Confederation Act Arcadian Troops were drawn into WW1, with conscription being introduced in 1917 (Continuing to this Day), In 1939, where they were once again drawn into a World War, Arcadian troops distinguished themselves in North Africa and Italy with several V.Cs being awarded to the 1st Arcadian Regiment.

Notable Individuals


Armed Forces

Arcadian Armed Forces

The Arcadian Armed Forces (AAF) are a highly trained (Mostly by Foreign Contractors) Conscript force, with every Arcadian doing a mandatory 3 years service before the age of 25, this practice has been used since 1917, so every Arcadian (Apart from Immigrants and Children, once they get their citizenship, as long as they are younger than 45 they do their service) has Served in the Armed Forces, this means that in a time of war Arcadia can call roughly 50% of it's population to arms immediately, with those older than 45 being called into the reserves if it comes to needing more men.

The AAF is Split into roughly 3 Services, with each having their own medical service, the Arcadian Army (AA), the Arcadian Navy (AN) and the Arcadian Flying Service (AFS).

Arc1718 1

Arcadian Infantryman

Arcadian Army

Employing the Most personnel out of the three services, the Arcadian Army has seen deployments all around the globe since it's independence in 1983, being deployed to Iraq during the Gulf Wars alongside British Troops, Afghanistan during the war on terror, being deployed to Bosnia alongside British Peacekeepers.

Arcadian Armoured Corps

Arcadian Armoured Regiments use mainly second-hand Challenger Tanks, purchased from the British Government.

Arcadian Infantry Corps

The Arcadian Infantry Corps are highly Mechanised, with every Section (10 men) having acces to two Iveco LMVs at any time, this makes the AIC (Once on the Ground) a highly mechanised force, striking fast and using surprise to their advantage.

Arcadian Cannon Corps

The ACC are Tactical Support for the AAC and AIC, making use of Howitzers and Mounted Mortars.

Arcadian Navy

The Arcadian Navy is a force to be reckoned with, with modernised ships based at Conception, Trinity and St. George's Bays.

Arcadian Coast Guard

Unlike most nation's coast Guards the ACG are technically Navy Reserves, Armed at All times they serve as a home fleet in times of war.

Arcadian Flying Service

The AFS, based out of Argentia and Fox Harbour are a small Service with only more than a dozen Aircraft in Service, most of which are aging.






Relations With Other Factions


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