Raptor Industries is an argentine Private Military Company. Since it's foundation in 1992, it has been growing and expanding through the country. They have a Neutral - Neutral allignment.
Raptor territory

The main headquarters of Raptor Industries.



After the military hit in 1976 by Jorge Videla, Emilio Massera and Orlando Agosti, many integrants of the argentine army were in the streets kidnapping and assaulting civilians under the commands of these three majors. Tomás Palacio was a lieutenant in charge of clearing the UADE (Universidad Argentina de la Empresa), under the suspicion that Comunnist ideals were being being spreaded from there. Tomás was in charge of at least +200 men to get inside the UADE, capture people and destroy everything. This was planned for December 22nd, but 12 days before, the government was taken down and the democracy was refitted. This man along his unit, decided to leave the army and look forward a new future. On June 15th, 1990, his father Mario died, leaving his money and properties. 2 years later, with the money left from his father, Tomás opened a security company under the name 'Industrias Raptor' (Raptor Industries).


Faction banner


The 'Raptors' are well trained operatives, prepared to deal with extreme circumstances. While there aren't any special units (yet), their equipment may vary depending the situation. The current armament list is being prepared.


Raptor Industries has no relations/conflicts with any other group/faction yet.

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