PirschjägerKompanie, German for Stalker Company, is Rhinehart Systems' ultra-elite special operations unit. Should an operation that Rhinehart undertakes is a high-risk mission to the point where not even their Fallschirmjägers Divisions could pull off without significant casualties, then PirschjägerKompanie is called up for the task of completing it.

Hand-picked from the various divisions in Rhinehart, PirschjägerKompanie members are all hardened veterans for Rhinehart, in addition to their former employment before joining the organisation.

Some of the various missions that Pirschjäger perform are:

  • Special Operations
  • Long-range deployment
  • Counter-Insurgency missions
  • VIP/Escort duties
  • many others...

The current commanding officer for PirschjägerKompanie is Oberst Anton Hauck

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