The People's Rebulic of Voskhodya is a small nation settled on the coast of the Baltic Sea, bordered by Estonia, Latvia, Belarus and Russia. It was founded when Artom Tretyakov had used his father's influence as a war hero in Leningrad to gain power and a following, he used the falling of the USSR to form Voskhodya.

General Information

Voskhodya is a Socialist Republic who is currently led by President Ilya Tretyakov, the son of the nation's founder. The nation holds elections every 6 years, where the Tretyakov family always wins by around 86% of the vote. They have a strong focus on their military. Conscription exists for Men and Women of age 20 for at least 2 years, where they are assigned to a role they can do well. They are able to then reenlist, or go about their life. 1/10th of the population has some sort of role in the Military, and the conscription service is seen favorably by most the population.


  • December 17th, 1991: Voskhodya is formed during the last days of the USSR. Artem Tretyakov takes lead.
  • January, 1996: During the last of the First Chechen War, Voskhodya sent a battalion to assist Russia in the war. *Around half the battalion was lost, prompting a reform to Military training.
  • August, 1996: Voskhodya begins Conscription for the Men of the nation. Women are also now allowed to serve in support roles, but not direct combat. The training each soldier gets is also improved.
  • October 17th, 1997: The First Election in the nation takes place. Artem Tretyakov wins with 70% of the vote.
  • October, 2001: Artem Tretyakova is found to have died by natural causes. An Election is held in the following days, where his son, Ilya, wins 90% of the vote.
  • August, 2006: 10 years after conscription became mandatory, it has expanded to include Women as well, although still without allowing them into direct combat roles.
  • October 17th, 2007: 6 years after Ilya comes into power, there is another election. Ilya gains 76% of the vote, his lowest.
  • 2007-2013: Nothing truly noteworthy happens beyond some vehicle acquisitions from Russia.
  • October 17th, 2013: Ilya wins the election yet again, with 86% of the vote.


Like most militaries, Voskhodya has various branches.

People's Army of Voskhodya

  • The main branch. Most soldiers are a part of this, as well as most vehicles used by the nation. They work to defend the nation, and will also take the fight to the enemy if they need to. In addition, many of the support roles are a part of this branch.

Royal Navy

  • Voskhodya has a small Navy. They never quite saw a need to really expand on this, however things can always change.

Air Force of Voskhodya

  • A smaller branch, yet an important one. Responsible for all things air. They field mainly Mi-24s, although there are jets, such as the SU-25, and over Soviet aircraft. The An-124 provides a useful cargo plane to this day for Voskhodya.


While this is the standard issue equipment, it does not perfectly cover all weapons in use.

Assault Rifles



Submachine Guns

Sniper Rifles



  • Makarov PM
  • Higher ranking soldiers can carry other sidearms, but must provide their own ammo.


WIP list



Faction Relations

Listed below are the groups and nations Voskhodya have had dealings with, and their relation with them.

  • None yet

Important Locations

  • St. Petersburg- Capital City and Primary HQ of the Military

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