This page contains information about Divine Order's of Christ's Blood important figures, their bios and significance.

Hector Van Reyes "Padre"

Zealot. Hypocrite. Shadow. This man has many names, yet it's hard to say which one describes him the best...

Hector Van Reyes (b. 1954) - is a former Catholic priest, international criminal mastermind and founder of the Order.


Hector Van Reyes was born in 1954, Castilla y Leon region of Franco's Spain. His mother was a Spaniard woman, while father was a prominent architect from Holland. Yearly in his childhood, his father was forced to flee after Franco's regime accused him of being foreign spy masquerading as an architect working on medieval castle restoration. It was decided that it's too dangerous for entire family to flee, so Hector and his mother remained in Spain. His father died shortly after returning to Holland and he was left to be raised by his widowed mother.

Living in relatively poor region of Spain, Hector experienced poverty most of his childhood and teen-hood. There were not many opportunities, but there was one thing that was aplenty in his native village - faith. This influenced Hector's life enough for him to become very religious albeit ambitious and ambitious person, which is justified by his tough childhood. 

Shortly after he turned 20, Hector decided he became a priest. With the help of his village priest who also was his mentor, Hector was approved to one of regions seminaries. Just after graduation, he was designated to become the new priest of his native village.

As years passed, Hector became increasingly uncontent with his life. His dream to rise to the top never vanished. Finally, after turning 30, Hector abandoned priesthood and started his criminal career, originally smuggling tobacco and cigarettes from France. Pretty soon after several successful runs, Reyes had enough money to expand his business and involved himself in arms trade, starting as low caliber small arms salesman to local thugs in Madrid. This was a turning point in his criminal career, and after more years, Reyes already was the head of international crime syndicate, dealing in arms, relic trade and organ farming. On top of that, he established a number of legal businesses (such as wine production, construction) and started stock trading.

Though Reyes was a criminal who obviously was committing sin for profit, his religious belief never vanished. On contrary, his twisted mind and ambition managed to actually combine his faith with criminal activities, believing that his deeds are necessary evil and will ultimately serve God. This belief led to establishment of the Order in 1990's.


Hector Van Reyes is a very ambitious and sinister person, always hiding behind his mysterious alias "Padre". All his business dealing are made by middlemen, which ensures that not even another criminal bosses know his real personality and appearance. Those who do manage to meet this enigma of person describe him as a very devout believer, eloquent speaker. He is well known for his hate of drugs, which explains why such a successful crime-lord does not deal in them.

Augustin Holub

The man whose ancestors fought in almost every war of Europe. Strong Christian values, sense of discipline and honor carried his family throughout the turbulent ages of Europe. He also inherited them and now proudly uses them to lead his soldiers in uncertain times of Espionage Wars...

Augustin Holub (b. 1967) - is a former colonel of Czech army and member of the famous Holub dynasty, also known as "dynasty of soldiers". Now serves as the primary military commander (Hochmeister) of the Order.


Augustin Holub was born into the famous House Holub, which has a very long military tradition. Most males (quite often females too) of his house were soldiers and military officers, hailing back from medieval European times to today's modern conflicts. Throughout most of his life, he was preparing to follow the tradition and join military academy, which he successfully did. After Graduating the Military Academy of the German Armed Forces in 1988, he joined Czech army and served until 2006. Though in his family it was accepted to continue serving until retirement, Augustin found his service lacking and decided to try life of mercenary. He spent 4 years working for different PMC's, until one fateful day, a mysterious man approached him and introduced as the recruiter for "divine organization that is destined to revive the old glory of our faith". Being a devout believer and out of pure curiosity, Augustin Holub accepted Order's invitation to get more acquainted to Order's ideology. Pretty soon, knowing the significance of his family, the man was employed by Reyes as commander of Order's armed wing.


A straightforward, self-assured man. He has all the traits that run in his family: strong sense of discipline and honor, devout belief in God and talent for strategy. He treats his men as equals and seeks to inspire sense of discipline in every Order's soldier. Augustin Holub is not a violent sadist, and generally disapproves of war atrocities, which often sparks dispute between him and Inquisitors who often are unnecessary violent. He works only to win Order's wars and ensure that soldiers gain the best training available for them.

"The Blood Cardinal"

Very little is known about this particular character, expect that he is of Romanian birth and served Hector Van Reyes as his right hand man from the Order's very beginning. Today, he is a high ranking Order official and leader of Order's Inquisition.

He vanished from public 10 years ago after a rumored incident between Order, unnamed criminal organization and French state security forces. It is pretty much believed that he is dead, but actually he resides in Alcantara castle, never venturing outside for a decade. The exact reason is unknown.