Please note this is all WIP


Buncha old dudes in the JGSDF were all "Yo I don't like all the foreign power in japan let's fix that" and reformed the Japanese Empire. Please note this history is a WIP aswell.

Important People

The Emperor

Leader of the NJE.


General of the NJEGF.


A Corporal in the NJEGF


Real name unknown. Was hand picked by The Emperor. Leads the Shiro Gādo and is the Marshel General of the NJE.

The Messenger

The Messenger is an enigma, used by the Emperor to deliver his Top Secret messages. Whether the Messenger is one person or a collection of people is unknown, all that is known is that they are the best in the field. If you wanted to get a message to the head of the Illuminati, it'd be on his desk by the end of the day. Despite his/her skill to sneak into anywhere and plant this messages, he/she is never used to carry out anything other then deliveries. Whether this is because he/she refuses to be an assassin or the Emperor simply does not as him/her is also unknown.


New Japan Empire Ground Forces (NJEGF)

The main fighting force behind the NJE. Armed with the Howa Type 89 and Type 64, as well as the Minebea Pistol.

New Japan Empire Ambassador Regiment (NJEAR)

A force made up of conscripts from non-Japanese occupied lands. (currently none)

New Japan Empire Air Force (NJEAF)

The NJEAF airforce exists, but just by a little. With just a little more then 10 planes, the NJEAF very rarely get missions due to the fear of losing a plane.

New Japan Empire Navel Fleet (NJENF)

As of current the NJE do not hold a Navy


One of the few Shiro Gādo soldiers.

Shiro Gādo (白ガード White Guard)

The Shiro Gādo are a force made up of just over 200 soldiers, all hand picked by either Akechi or the Emperor himself. While the Shiro Gādo are considered to be the most elite and dangerious force in the entire NJE, they rarely see deployment. The purpose of the Shiro Gādo are to act as guards to the Emperor, never leaving his side and always on the look out for anyone that may try to harm the Emperor.

The Shiro Gādo, while being the Emperor's personal guard, do not answer directly to the Emperor. But instead to Akechi, the Marshel General of the NJE.

They are equiped with standard NJE weaponary but have a heavier set of armour. Akin to that worn by the Kōtei no Ken, except slightly lighter. They are easily recognizable by their white clothing under their armour. Currently the Shiro Gādo are all stationed on the island that houses the Emperor's bunker.

Kōtei no Ken (皇帝の剣 Emperor's Sword)

Highly trained men equiped with heavy armour. Made up of mostly ex-JGSDF soldiers.

Dojō Kaizoku (土壌海賊 Ground Pirates)

A unit specialized on motorcycles. Trained for hit and run operations and mobile hijacks. Armed with H&K USPs and MP7s.

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