In the birth of the A.E.U, many laws have been passed that subjugated many Russians. But finally, since the Russians had the minority advantage, they assembled the separatists once again and prepared a coup. The coup was sprung after the massive Imperial defeat at the urban sprawl of Zaporizhzhya, causing riots to break out all over Sevastopol over the deaths of many Russians. Since the bulk of the Imperial military was out fighting the Ukrainian government forces, it took little to no effort taking the Imperial palace and overthrowing the Emperor. In its place, a government similar to the U.S.'s was formed since the appointed president of the NRF was a former international scholar who attended Yale in the United States. The конгресс (Kongress; Congress) was formed and they appointed said scholar, Vladimir Zadornov, as the First President of the Neo Russian Federation. Out of the A.E.U's ashes, a better nation was born...

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