Colonel Mikhail 'Misha' Chuchanov is one of Blackforce Corporation's most experienced vehicular warfare expert in their ranks. Hailing from one of the GRU's best units - the 45th Guards Spetsnaz Regiment, Misha joined Blackforce in 2006 after completing his third tour of duty in the Second Chechen War, where he was able to impress many members of Blackforce due to his skill in many Russian vehicles that they had available - in addition to his skills as a VDV paratrooper.

Up to 2014, Misha's experience in ground vehicles was near-legendary, but he was starting to get an itch to return to his roots as a foot soldier. To that end, after getting together with some other Russian operatives, Misha was able to form Task Force: Katyusha, as a way to form a small, elite, fast attack unit for Blackforce, with additional training for tank warfare.

Since Katyusha's formation, Misha has led Blackforce to some impressive victories during their deployment to Syria in Operation: Titanfall.

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