Children of God's own residential redneck.


Towering over the rest of the barons is Lord Kang. The intention of his design was to find a way for the human body to grow muscle mass at a rapid rate. As a result, he's far stronger than many of the other barons due to having large amounts of muscles. At one point in time, he looked fairly normal like the rest of the barons, but ever since he survived the Rocky Mountain Incident, his body has been warped and mutated by whatever force it was that whisked the facility away. The resulting mutation caused his body to grow in size, darken his skin tone, turn his fingernails into sharp claws, and did something to his face which made him conceal it completely with a looted O.H.N. crowd control helmet.

His purpose is that he serves as the head of CoG's money-making front: Promised Land Farms, an old farming company which he claims to have owned once. They are willing and able to supply food and other supplies to any other faction for a price, as well as doing catering services.


Bold, brash, and belongs in the trash. Kang fancies himself as one of CoG's finest baron lords, as he's the one who rakes in the largest amount of money for the cult. In reality, he's a very obnoxious person who enjoys bossing around his underlings. Fitting his position more than Nicholas Cage as a screaming and flailing conman in Deadfall, Kang has completely modeled himself after a 1920's countryside farmer who flies the Confederate flag and listens to Johnny Rebel all day.

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