The very first member of the Children of God.


Before the androsynth, were the barons. Before the barons, was The Prototype. Created in the spring of 1980, The first artifical life created by mankind. When he was created, he was intended to be a super man, the ultimate being, a cybernetic organism fitted with technology lightyears ahead of what was considered cutting edge at the time. With those intentions in mind, his body was designed to grant him many abilities such as: superhuman strength, everlasting endurance, and a cunning intellect which the scientists that created him wish they had.

During his time in captivity, The Prototype was given many books to read as he waited for the next hour to be experimented and dissected on. He eventually took on the name 'Adam' after reading the book of Genesis. Because as Adam was the first man created by God, he was the first lifeform created by man. It was he who organized the androsynth revolt, and lead CoG throughout the crusade. As a result, many of CoG's members look up to him as a fearless, yet fearsome, leader. Many of them even secretly believe that their religion ought to be centered around him, and not the Holy Father. Post-Crusade he now serves as the second-in-command of the entire cult, and also serves as Holy Father Most High's advisor, caretaker, and margrave over CoG's territory.

However, as of late he has been plotting and scheming behind the back of the Holy Father Most High. Working with former enemies, getting in the way of CoG's allies, and slowly but surely usurping power from him. He has seen just how favored and popular he is among the cult, and intends to depose of Holy Father and place himself as CoG's leader. He believes Holy Father to be unfit to lead their people, and thinks they need someone who is mentally stronger, and of sound mind to be able to lead.


In order to effectively lead a horde of wicked and cruel people, you must be even more wicked and cruel than they are. Adam deems himself to be the true leader of the cult, and the only one who is capable of doing so. He was once the caretaker of the Holy Father, but after an incident where the Holy Father burned out his eyes after being asked a question he didn't like, he has since then realized how unfit the Holy Father is to be the cult's main leader. Now, he plots with the Magistrate to depose of him and take his place. To achieve his goal, he has done deals with sworn enemies of the cult, he has terrorized the cult's allies and has committed all sorts of atrocities to innocent people those allies themselves have sworn to protect, and has started to brainwash the rank and file cultists with his own propaganda that he is the true chosen one to lead them. With his efforts, Moscow's powerplant has been sieged and destroyed which left many without power to warm them during the harsh winter; the Russian countryside has been ravaged with countless deaths at the hands of his men; the Vice Union was able to live long enough detonate it's nuclear bomb in Hanover simply because he ordered cultists from his own division to setup a blockade preventing any faction from traveling within; and only God knows what kind of grief he will cause, or is causing, the Holy Father if he ever hears any of this. To say Adam is a very ambitious and selfish person is an understatement.

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