This is the list of equipment used and/or manufactured by Rhinehart Systems


Personal Defence Weapons

  • M-Tech X-treme MX-8054 Tactical Fixed Survival Knife (Standard Issue)
  • Rhinehart RS-25G Handgun (Standard Issue)
  • Rhinehart RS-235T Sub-Machine Gun

Assault Rifles and Battle Rifles

  • Rhinehart RS-29C Assault Rifle
  • Rhinehart RS39B Assault Rifle
  • Rhinehart RS-284 Designated Marksman Rifle
  • Rhinehart RS34HB Battle Rifle
  • Rhinehart RS-27K Carbine

Sniper Rifles

  • Rhinehart RS-94S Sniper Rifle
  • Rhinehart RS-56E Anti-Material Sniper Rifle

Machine Guns/Heavy Machine Guns

  • Rhinehart RS-145 Automatic Rifle
  • Rhinehart RS-782 GPMG (Some modified for troops with Heavy Assault armour)


  • Rhinehart RS-85TX Shotgun
  • Rhinehart RS-90D Tactical Shotgun


  • Rhinehart RS-834 Rocket Launcher
  • Rhinehart RS-524 SAM Launcher


  • M67 Grenade
  • M84 'Flashbang' Stun Grenade
  • XM84 9-Bang Stun Grenade
  • M18 Claymore
  • ATM-00 Anti-Tank Mine
  • M112 Demolition Block (C4)
  • P.E.T.N Charges.



  • Cougar HE MRAP (Some modified to carry SAM Turrets)
  • Iveco LMV
  • M1070 Heavy Equipment Transport

Main Battle Tanks

  • M1A1 Abrams
  • Leopard 2A7
  • Challenger 1
  • Challenger 2
  • OF-40
  • Prototype Airborne Tank (undergoing testing and construction for Fallschirm-panzer Division Erwin Rommel)


  • MD Helicopters MH-6/AH-6 Little Bird
  • Mil Mi-28 'Havoc'
  • Sikorsky UH-60 Black hawk 'Stealth Hawk' (used for covert missions)
  • Boeing AH-64D Apache Longbow
  • Boeing V-22 Osprey
  • NHIndustries NH90

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