Lennox Allbright is the charismatic, albeit rather unintelligent, individual who runs from cell-to-cell, safehouse-to-safehouse, with the sole purpose of maximising profits for the Smokkelaars Alliansie, the group to which he has devouted himself in a rather ironic manner, given the fact that said faction rather enjoys stabbing it's members, including Allbright, in the back. For now, however, this honest southern gentleman serves a valuable purpose for the Smokkelaars; the useful, gullible fool.


Born in 1982, Richmond, Virginia, Allbright grew up in a delightfully antiquated trailer park, where his father taught him truth, justice, the American way and how to swig a Jack Daniels in one gulp. Having failed spectacularly at High School, mostly due to his penchant for drinking and bringing a loaded Browning Hi-power everywhere, insisting that, seen as it was a "pussy yuropeen wepon", it posed no threat, the relatively young Allbright tried his hand at military life. Originally a member of the U.S. National Guard, Allbright was discharged for fatally shooting his commanding officer in a heated debate about the quality of NASCAR racing; an argument, according to witness testimony, started when the officer decried it as staged. With his prospects in his beloved homeland very much down the toilet, Allbright called it quits and headed for Europe. However, he was intercepted by an interested party; the Smokkelaars Alliansie. Keen to get his hands on a firearm again, and dedicate himself to a job that he knew he could do well in, Allbright accepted, completely unaware that the sole reason he was selected was because of his expendability. His charisma did, admittedly, make him a firm favourite of many in the organisation, winning him many privileges, one such privilege being not viewed as a totally expendable bullet-sponge, but still very much an expendable pawn.


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