Lapointe Groupe d'Solutions Militaires (LGSM)
Lapointe fleur de lis
The Fleur-de-lis of the Lapointe Military Solutions Group (Groupe d'Solutions Militaires)


Toujours en avant, jamais en arrière (French for "Always forward, never back.")


London, United Kingdom

Years active:

  • 1937 - 2001
  • 2016 - Present

Size (Estimated)

  • 2,270 Personnel (2015)


  • World War II (1939)
  • Cold War (1953-1991)
  • Gulf War (1990)
  • Bosnian War (1992)
  • Kosovo War (1998)
  • War in Afghanistan (2001)

No Title

No Information


The Lapointe Military Solutions Group plc. is an Anglo-French PMC that operated on an international scale. They are primarily displayed as Lapointe Group d'Solutions Militaires (abbreviated as LGSM) in European markets. Lapointe's current holdings were established in 1937 but the origins of the company can be traced back further with ties to the Orthodox Church. The company has previously been in a period of hibernation and had ceased operations citing personnel shortages and changing warfare. Recently reformed the company is now quickly pushing into Europe seeking to establish a finanically stable presence.

The company specialises in high mobility, rapid deployment, shock tactics and conventional urban combat. General day-to-day business of the company revolves around security contracts, target extraction, force reinforcement, logistical and transport support. The main company headquarters is located in London where they maintain a rail connection to Europe.

The company performs recruitment drives year on year, primarily selecting ex-forces personnel from the British and French armies however they also select specialists from many fields from nursing to engineering from both military and public applicants. Lapointe offers all employees a broad range of service benefits including medical care, food, housing and bereavement packages. Most personnel are based at facilities on former Ministry of Defence sites in the United Kingdom.

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